Lazy Days of Summer

3 Jul

The hay is in the barn, about 270 bales.  Now I can relax for a day minute or two.  Everyone seems to be enjoying the lovely summer.  Bob is napping on the deck.

It seems to be the popular thing, as Snickers was napping next to him also.  Bob is really a copycat.  He just adores Snickers, much to his dismay.  I really wished I could take a cat nap earlier today.

Instead I picked raspberries with Mom.  We didn’t find many because we should have picked yesterday or the day before when we were frantically putting up the hay.  I did scare a deer that was resting in the shade, but it moved way too fast for me to take a picture.  We also found a lot of lovely black-eyed susans.

I need to work in the gardens and reclaim them (again) before our rain comes Sunday evening.  I plan on using some of the old hay from the barn to put down as a thick layer of mulch so i can hopefully stay ahead of the weeds from here on.  I don’t want to show you all the weeds, so I’ll show you the the coneflowers instead.

In the barnyard, I found a lazy Betty Lou with her boys, BeBop and Baxter.  I think I’m going to switch Mabel and Cutie around.  That will wean Cutie’s girls and get Mabel away from her twins.  Hopefully, she’ll start to pick up weight and look better, and the kids will have a more consistent diet and do a little better.

Little Maddie chose to take her nap inside.  Even though her feet look great, I do have several girls that need their hooves trimmed again.

Kizzy had twins a couple of days ago (somewhere in the middle of making hay).  This is Dixie below.  Twin sister, Dana, is all black, which makes it hard to get a good picture of her.  I’ll have to keep trying!  I also will have to start keeping an eye on Jilly, as she is due in about a week.

Dad will be back tomorrow, and then we’ll start working in the trailer again.  I still have a bunch of stuff to clean out before he gets back.  I guess I’ll have to take a rain check for my lazy days.  I hope you get to enjoy a few of those lazy days yourself.


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