Watching Hay Dry

30 Jun

Today, we are watching hay dry.

Actually, we decided to walk through the fields again because we need to find all the rocks and limbs and stuff before the bailer goes through.

We did get a few rocks and limbs, but there were a few rocks that we didn’t pick up.  The one below will require the backhoe.

Instead of boring you with more about watching hay dry, I want to tell you what awesome nephews I have.  Everyone needs at least three such nephews.  After we got done picking raspberries the other day, they were kind enough to help me in the orchard.  Chris volunteered to mow.

Mom helped with pulling weeds close the to little plants.  Brandon set posts, and then we got the wire up to support the grape vines.

If we didn’t do a good job on the supports and anyone thinks they can do better, we would ask that they come and demonstrate for us.  We would really not be offended; in fact, we would appreciate it.

Not only have they helped me in the orchard, but they have been helping at the trailer.  Dad and I worked on the outside again.

He brought in the weed eater and mower, and we cleaned up more junk.  We cut the scrub trees from the ditch and fence row.  It’s looking better.

While we did this, we left poor Chris stuck in the trailer taking down the ceiling tile.

He managed to get almost all of it down.  In the picture below, you can see the remains of the bathroom.  That means the baby barn swallows had flown the coop by the time we started that morning.  Dad was happy he didn’t have to wait on them any longer.

All that tile on the floor has already been hauled to the landfill.  As an aside, I was surprised in just the little area I was in at the landfill there was so much stuff that could have been recycled.  I guess I can live with my son thinking I’m a bit overbearing about recycling things.

We’ve already seen how much Jeremy mowed for the hay, and after that Brandon brought in the bush hog to knock down the grass in other places so we could work on cleaning it out.

Brandon and Jeremy will continue helping with the hay.  I don’t know how I would get all of the work done on this new farm if it weren’t for my nephews and parents.


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