More Trailer Gutting

24 Jun

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the trailer.  I hate to put any more of those nasty pictures on my blog though.  Last time, I had to put two days worth of cute pictures on here just to make up for all the gross.  I guess I can write about the gross stuff if I sprinkle cute pictures throughout.  Here we go.

We worked on moving more of the railroad ties.  There were a lot of them because they used them to frame their driveway and flower beds and just in front of the trailer.  Jeremy brought the backhoe in to get them dug out a lot easier than Dad using the pry bar.  It made kind of a mess though, so we’ll have to try and smooth the ground out a bit.  Some of those ties were really getting buried.

The barn swallows are getting bigger.  I hope they leave the nest soon.  Dad said they sat there and peeked over the nest while he was removing a door.  Then, he went the other direction and worked away from them.  Mom Barnswallow is in and out the window constantly, and she’s none to nice in her comments to us.  (At least this cute picture really comes from the trailer.)

I figure by the time we finish, I’ll have single handedly moved the entire trailer.  Dad breaks things into little pieces, and I pile them.  There are quite a few piles.  There’s one for things that get burned.  There’s a pile of boards that need cleaned so they can be reused.  There’s a pile of metal, tin, aluminum, and steel, that will be recycled.  There’s a pile that goes to the landfill.  There’s an appliance pile.  Then there’s my favorite pile, the pile of stuff I don’t know what to do with it until someone smarter tells me where to put it.

Generally, I measure how things are going by the amount of talking and swearing I hear coming out of the open door while I’m making my trip to the burn pile.  If things are going well, all I hear is the pounding of the hammer or the whirring of the electric drill.  Occasionally, I’ll hear Dad’s conversation with himself, just trying to figure out how things are attached or what he needs to get things taken apart.  When the swearing starts, I know it’s time to make another trip outside.  Eventually, everything will come apart and it will all be good.

Other than the bathroom where the nest is located, the walls are pretty much gone.  Our next step is to get rid of the appliances, put the insulation in bags to be reused, and then get rid of the carpet followed by the ceiling.  After that, we can start outside.

I must admit, this reminds me of a lot of summers from my childhood.  When we were growing up, my dad would have us work with him tearing down or remodeling houses.  I was pretty young when we started, but we could beat plaster off the walls or pick up junk or just keep track of Dad’s tools.

By the time I was in sixth grade, Dad had gone from remodeling to deciding to build a house all on his own.  I remember back then, in our little town, we’d ride our bikes with an ice cream bucket on the front to take Dad and Grandpa a beer.  Can you imagine that happening now?

Anyhow, he used lumber from the houses we’d torn down to frame the house.  When finished, he only used four new boards in the entire frame of the house.  He joked that it was the oldest new house in town!


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