Here They are Again

23 Jun

It’s been  a while since I’ve mentioned some of the animals, so I thought I’d let you see how they have grown or changed.  Let’s start with Thunder.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve mentioned the cattle.  With the extra thirty some acres, I don’t see them as much.  With the warmer weather, they’ve been coming up to lay in the barn some.  Here he is.

He is a Gelbvieh Angus cross.  I would hate to try to pet him because he’s not very tame after spending his whole life in the pasture.  He did try to play with Scarlet and her kids the other day.  Poor Scarlet was petrified!  Here she is with her whole herd of kids.

They are all growing and bouncing a lot.  Poor Scarlet spends most of her time eating and stepping over kids trying to nurse.  Misty, with the Entropion Eye is looking great.  You can’t tell there was ever anything wrong with her.

The goslings have reached the gangly stage.

I have somehow managed to miss some eggs again.  The same white Chinese goose is sitting on the nest again.  Oh my, I really don’t need more goslings hatching.  I found another nest where nobody had started sitting and emptied it out again.  I really thought they were done laying for the year.

The kid who’s birth I featured is growing up already.  Sparkle looks like she’s trying to be the flying nun!

For some reason the two peahens are have a battle over the nest.  One stole all the eggs, and now they’ve split the eggs up again, but they are almost on top of one another.  The way they are going, it’s going to be a miracle if any of them hatch.  Guess we’ll see.

The peacock seems to have settled in quite well.  He gets a bit naughty with the ducks and chickens occasionally, but overall, he seems to be doing well.  I can hardly wait until he gets his adult tail next year.  His bright blue is just amazing.

Flower and Bud are growing.  They are giant nuisances.  They slip through the fence into the yard.  They try to “help” with chores or anything else I might be doing.  They constantly want attention–in other words normal bottle babies.  They are awfully sweet and love to snuggle.  The problem I still have is feeding them.  We switched from real milk to replacer and got through the messy poo.  They never liked the milk replacer, and all of a sudden they seem to be eating just occasionally.  I think Mabel must have enough milk to feed one of them off and on.  As a result, Flower is back to scours because of the change in diet again.  Poor babies.

Notice when I was going to take a picture of Flower, Bud had to make sure he got in the shot too.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted about these hens to need to update their progress, but I just like the first hen.  She is the only girl from a batch of eggs school kids hatched.  Rooster Boy that likes to attack people and guard kids is another one of the school hatches.

The second hen is simply a picture I liked.  The crested ones are so cute!


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