Father Daughter Bonding

21 Jun

Yesterday was father’s day.  It’s a time when we should get together and spend some quality time with our father.  Well, Dad and I spent several hours bonding as we began gutting the trailer house.  Isn’t it lovely?

And the inside is just as nice.  Here’s the kitchen.  As soon as you open the front door, you see a closet directly in front of you.  That is just to the left of the refrigerator.

This is the area we started clearing out first.  This is looking in from the door.  The closet is gone; the refrigerator is gone; and the cupboards are starting to disappear.  Dad would tear things up, and I would haul them out of the building.  He did tell me to watch out for the hole by the front door.  I was confused.

Did he mean this giant hole where some animal dug just in front of the steps,

or was it the hole in the floor of the trailer that he was concerned with.

He did say it was the one in the trailer.  Heck, that one is tiny compared to all the other gaping holes in the floor by the bathroom.

The other side of the kitchen was mostly appliances and cupboards, but it all has to go.

The cupboards are gone.  The stove is unhooked down to the floor.  We even got some insulation and paneling removed.

Then we started the other direction.  We made progress with the paneling.  Notice all the 2x4s.  They will be used to rebuild the Love Shack for my goats.

Next was the wall between the living room and the bedroom.  We haven’t figured out what all the boxes on the floor were for.

Look, the wall is gone!

We did actually get quite a bit down.  We did also have to serve an eviction notice.  A mom and her five babies.  Not to worry though because I think the babies will be flying the coop soon.

One had to sit on top of the others because there is not enough room.

They will be long gone before we get to the bathroom.  What a wonderful day of bonding with my good ole dad!


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