Before and After

19 Jun

We’ve had a lot of rains and storms lately.  Rain in the morning, heat and humidity in the afternoon, and then the storms rebuild in the evening.  We are about five inches above normal for the month so far, and there is still more rain in the forecast.

The girls have had to go out to pasture between storms.

Here are the clouds before last night’s story.  You can see the water tower of the small town that is just a mile north of my farm.

This is looking across my corn field.  Luckily, we’ve had more rain than anything else.  Others around have not been so lucky; there have been several tornadoes around the state.  Even so, I do have some damage to the corn.

Here are the clouds after.  They really looked like a bunch of cotton balls stuck down from the sky.  The setting sun reflecting makes them look so orange.

After the strange clouds passed, we were back to blue sky.  They even had pictures of these clouds on the news.  I just don’t remember what kind they are.  Pretty freaky looking though.

With all the rain, it’s been virtually impossible to get into the garden to work.  Just when it’s almost dry enough to go work in it, the rain comes again.  It’s horrible!  I haven’t been able to weed since it was planted.  Here it is before I started working there today.

I can make out the tomatoes.  It’s impossible to tell what is on the left side of the picture.

Oh, it’s celery, with one big stand of lettuce.  I still have weeds between the rows because there is no way to use the cultivator due to the mud.

Hopefully, you can see that I have pulled weeds from around all the plants I want in the garden.  I even pulled some of the bigger ones from between the rows.

This is very embarrassing.  You can’t even see anything that would look like a garden.  To the far left is the strawberry bed, so it is supposed to be a mass of green.

After weeding, you can see potatoes and garlic were hiding in there.  Granted, there weren’t a lot of potatoes, but that is because of the dogs playing in there before they ever sprouted.

Here I found peppers, sage, pineapple sage, onions, parsley, dill, cauliflower, and my asparagus bed.

Hopefully, it will continue to dry off so I can get between the rows.  It has been horrible to try and get in there.  I had to wear my rain boots, and when I came out, they were caked in mud.  My hands were caked in mud.  It was five and a half hours to get this much taken care of.  Next, I have to get to the garden up north.

I don’t think better weather will help this little problem, though.

They don’t seem to believe my rule of “No Yard Goats!”


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