Next Big Project

17 Jun

Now that the kids are here, we are on to the next big project.  That is cleaning up so that we can actually get a combine into the field to get the corn out.  Dad has already done some work inside the trailer and mowed a bit around the outside.  Brandon and Jeremy used the brush hog to mow some more.  Today, we tackled even more.

The blue spruce trees are supposed to be covered to the ground; however, after years of being a scratching post for cattle, the bottoms were broken off and looked like a mini-tornado attacked them.  We got rid of all the stuff on the bottom.  Hopefully, they will heal up, scar over and look better.

I decided to put the Ranger to a workout and really see how much I could use it.  Besides, it’s fun to play with!  I did get better at dumping it on the pile rather than beside it.  I figured out to make sure the branches were on the long way so they didn’t stop it from sliding off easily.  By the time I finished, it was just a huge pile instead of a big pile of brush with little ones all around it.

We worked on taking up a bunch of railroad ties.  Dad got his huge heavy pry bar and got them out of the ground so we could wrap a chain around it and then I got to play in the Ranger again.  It worked so well to pull them out and over to the pile again.  Granted, I’ll have to have one of the boys use a bigger piece of equipment (i.e. backhoe) to put the ties up on the burn pile, but it was fun.  By the time we were finished, I think I pulled about ten or twelve railroad ties over there.

Finally, Dad fired up the lawn mower and got rid of a ton of grass.  It looks much better now.  Both Mom and Dad have been so wonderful to help me.  The one strip of tall grass is still filled with ties and black landscaping plastic, so we’re going to spray the grass.  It’s the only way we can find things and remove them without destroying the equipment.  It was already pretty hard on his mower.

Tearing down the trailer and cougar cages and little building is next.  Also, there are about five or six big chunks of concrete that need to be broken up and removed.


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