Entropion Eyelid

16 Jun

Misty was born with an entropion eyelid.  That means that her eyelid turned in.  It is very painful as her lashes were constantly scratching her eyeball.  From the day she was born, her eye was excessively watering.  After just a couple of days, her eyeball was turning white from damage.  I don’t have a great “before” picture, because I didn’t realize I was going to be doing a post on the subject.  I was trying not to show her sore eye when I took pictures, silly me.

I got a salve from the vet, and he is the one that suggested I look for this condition, the entropion eyelid.  He did say that occasionally, just pulling the eyelid and making sure it was positioned correctly when applying the salve would be enough to fix the problem.  It really did help by that evening.  The swelling and watering was much better.  However, in the morning, it was back to being folded under.

Since that did not help and she was back to being in pain, this time I packed her in the pet taxi and took her to the vet.  He pulled her eyelid out to the position it was supposed to have and added a small stainless steel clip to the outside.  That’s it.  That’s the whole treatment and cure.

You can enlarge the picture to see the clip better.  It did feel a bit funny to her, and she tried to scratch it off with her foot.  It did stop the watering almost immediately.  It still looks watery from the salve I continued to put in it.  The vet said the clip would fall off on its own in about a week or so.  Well, by half way through the next morning, it was gone.  The eyelid looked wonderfully positioned, and I just remained hopeful that it would stay in position.  If not, it would have been another trip to the vet’s office to have it replaced.

I was lucky that it did not fold back in.  She still has a bit of white in the eye, and it’s still a bit puffy.  Hopefully, Misty will continue healing.  This is a condition that is very painful to the animal and can do permanent damage to the eye.  However, it is easily treated.  Both goats and sheep can be treated with the clip.

I did ask the vet about what causes it.  He did say that it can be genetic.  He referred to sheep where one ram’s lambs were more likely to have the condition.  So far, this is the only kid we’ve had born with this condition.  Hopefully, she will also be the last.


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