June Babies

13 Jun

I so wanted to be able to post all the June babies tonight.  Actually, I just want to go to bed and not get up three hours later.  Betty Lou is holding out.  She’s the last one due at this time.  We will have a couple stragglers, but I will have some time to recover before they are due.

Here are all the ones that were born in the last week.

Scarlet had triplets on Monday.  This is Mo, the only boy.  He’s also the only one of her kids with horns.

Here is Misty.  I will tell you about her eye in a future post, when you can see the final results.

Then she has Heather.  Finally one that got mom’s red coloring.

There were no babies born on Tuesday.  Wednesday Muffin had her twins.  She had a nice normal birth.  The white with black is Sparkle, and the black with white is Jetty.  Both are polled.

Early Wednesday morning, Litha had her twins.  She had a boy named Peanut.  I think he will be polled, but he’s one I’ll have to wait to be sure.

Her polled little girl is named Madilyn after Litha’s mom.  Obviously, if she’s being named after my favorite goat that is no longer with us, I’m obligated to keep this one.

Later that night, Litha’s twin sister, Stormy, had her baby.  Because she only had one, the baby was a bit bigger, and I had to pull this one.  This is another girl, but she has horns.  Her name is Vesta.

We had no babies on Friday, but about six o’clock Saturday morning, Millie finally had her babies.  She took her own sweet time.  She was five days overdue.  I know my due date was correct and she was late because her little boy, Beau, already had horn buds.  All I can think is, “Ouch!”

Millie usually has these big white kids.  I was a bit surprised when she had this lovely little polled lady.  She is Bambi.  You’ve got to love those ears!

Finally, at four o’clock this morning, I helped Joe have her babies.  The first one had one of his legs bent back, and I guarantee he was not coming out until I found that leg and got it pulled forward.  Here he is, even though he doesn’t have a name yet.  He is big; he is sweet; he is constantly trying to eat.

She also has a daughter who looks just about like him.  Her name is Bekka.

Both of Joe’s kids are polled.  I must say, Jack has done a good job of giving me hornless kids this year.  There are so many of these kids that are just sweet, snuggly little ones.  I am so going to want to keep a lot of these babies.  I can’t unless I get my shelter built.  Truly, I really want to sleep all night.  Everyone send Betty Lou hurry up thoughts because she was due Friday.


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