9 Jun

If someone were to walk onto my property and just sit for five minutes they would think we were torturing and slowly killing giant goats.  We’re not.  We are, however, weaning three three-month old boys.  They are cry babies with big mouths.  Luckily, they are starting to lose their voices.  We can only hope it lasts until they settle down.

Pam and Mason took turns trying to climb through the gate.  This is six hours after being weaned.

With their weaning, I’ve continued switching goats around.  Pam, Cutie, Angel and Vixen up north.  I shut the gate to my smaller pasture.  Then I put a cattle panel on the gate so I could actually keep the goats from simply walking through it.  Then I opened my little gate where the billy goats were.  I let all five boys into that pasture.

I am really impressed how good Marley and Jack have been to the three little boys, even when eating.  It’s been fun for Marley to jump around on the tree stump like he did when he was just a little boy, play with the kids, and browse with Jack.

Red, Rover, and Mason mostly hang around the gate crying for their moms.

Jack just keeps eating.

With the kids being weaned, I’ve started milking moms, Pam and Lily.  Pam is not being very cooperative.  She just left her baby, moved into a new home, has her cranky mom with her, and now I want to milk.  She’s not convinced at all.  Lily is Red and Rover’s mom.

Lily has a bit more milk than Pam.

She is much easier to milk.  This is in part because I have the something-like-a-stanchon that Dad and I built to hold her.

It’s semi-functional.  It’s on the ground so I don’t worry about a training goat falling off.  It’s sturdy, so they can’t swing.  I did have to add a tie to the back leg for Lily because she kept trying to kick me.  She’s already starting to settle down, mostly because she really, really likes food.  I’m hoping to wean Dolly’s and Meg’s daughters tomorrow.  I’ll see how they work for milking, and then I can stop trying to milk Pam.  Right now, all the milk I’m getting is going to Mabel’s kids.  Hopefully, I can get a couple of girls trained and then I can actually start using the yummy milk for myself.


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