Greener Pastures

8 Jun

Poor Cutie, Pam and their kids have had very little to eat by way of green stuff.  I’ve still been giving them hay because the little paddock they were in was overrun with creeping charlie.  Can you see all the little purple stinky flowers?  Actually, when I moved here it was creeping charlie, thistles, cockle burrs, and catnip.  I’m not sure just creeping charlie was an improvement.

How bad can a weed be when even the goats refuse to eat it.  I’m planning on reseeding it.  In fact, I’ve already sprayed it to kill the creeping charlie.  I still have some I could actually touch up, but it is now a lovely brown.

There is a bit of grass, but with the goose family and the two goat families, it has been kept eaten down.  It has come mostly from the bits of hay that aren’t eaten.

My dad finally hooked up his trailer and brought me twenty cattle panels and a bunch of metal posts last Saturday.  I barely got started setting up a new paddock on the north edge of the property.  I only completely set two panels, but at least it was a start on the shorter edge.

That means I spent most of my Sunday building fence. I was going to go straight from the building to the fence, but I had to go around the harrow parked there.

I made sure I got the tree in the pen to give them some shade.  Okay, the tree is barely inside the fence, but it will provide afternoon shade.

They also will have morning and noon shade here.  I put panels inside the cattle shed so they could have the first section.  It’s about 32 x 16 feet.  This is much more spacious than what they had.

They have all the space behind the building.  After going from barely any green to munch on, they are entering this wonderful tall pasture.

I believe they will not be running out of food for a long time.  We walked Pam and Cutie from my home to the north part, about a quarter of a mile walk.  When we brought them near, Cutie saw the open field in front of her and took off running.  Pam came more slowly at first, trying to eat her way in.  The kids got to ride in the back of the Ranger instead of walking, so they had to wait until they actually got in the pen before they saw all the good stuff.



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