First Picking

3 Jun

Dark leafy green plants sporting

Dainty white flowers with bright yellow centers.

Berries:  white, pink, and finally red!

Covered in tiny yellow seeds.

Sweet and juicy.

My first bite brings

Joy on a hot June day!

I picked strawberries for the first time this year.  I got just over five quarts of berries.  These plants are unbelievable!  I bought ten plants from K-Mart on sale three summers ago.  I planted them just as the weather became horribly hot and dry, intending them to be ground cover between the herbs.  They were neglected, but they have overtaken the entire herb garden.  They have gone from ten plants to overtaking everything (except the wormwood and rhubarb) in a six or so foot by thirty plus foot area.

It’s not just that they are big plants.  They produce tons of strawberries.  Last year I made several batches of jam, froze several quarts, ate a bunch fresh, and gave away gallons.  They are big berries too.  I’ve dug several plants and given to different people.  My mom is planning on pulling the plants she got from other places because the berries on these are so much bigger.

The first batch might bring joy with their sweet juicy goodness, but by the time they are done, I’ll be ready to dance for joy at their leaving.  (I should really stick to prose shouldn’t I?)


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