Bottling Wine

29 May

Friday night we bottled two wines.  First was the strawberry rhubarb.  It has been quite the strange wine.  It started with clear flavor of both strawberry and rhubarb.  Then it was almost all strawberry smell and almost all rhubarb taste.  That’s pretty much how it was when we stabilized it too.  Last night when we bottled it, it was very much a blend of the two fruits.  Pretty weird how it keeps making huge changes in flavor.

The second one we bottled was “Chapel,” our cherry-apple wine.  I must say, I like the first batch better.  It was a sweeter, more of a dessert wine.  Don’t get me wrong, this batch we bottled is also good, but I really enjoyed the first batch.  I’ve just planted apple trees and ordered more sour cherry trees, so I can keep making lots of this wine.

Finally, we racked “Mirth.”  Six months ago is the last time we did anything with this apple wine.  I was really getting anxious to try it.  I was looking forward to it as another sweet, dessert wine.  I must say, I was not disappointed.  It is sweet with a clear apple flavor touched by golden raisins.  This is also a recipe we will want to keep.

So far we have tried:

Concord grape wine

Cherry Apple wine

Pumpkin (plain and spiced) wine

Blueberry wine

Apple wine (heavy bodied)

Apple wine (dessert)

Strawberry Rhubarb wine

Coconut wine

Truckwreck grape wine (not a good idea)

Truckwreck grape and Strawberry wine (again, I don’t recommend truckwreck grapes)

Truckwreck grape and Raspberry wine (at least kind of palatable–no truckwreck grapes)

Blackberry mead

Strawberry wine

We’d like to eventually come up with about ten good wines to make and sell in the on farm market.  So far we have about four that we will probably keep.  Any suggestions for other wines?  What kind of wines do you like to drink?

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