An Award

25 May

I have been presented with the Versatile Blogger award from Suzanne at Window on the Prairie.  She has a wonderful blog that covers farming, gardening, tourist stops, and yummy recipes.  You should really go check it out.  She got the award from a certain Millie goat at Eden Hills.  Again, Thank you Suzanne.

The rules for the award are to thank the person who gave you the award, share something about yourself, pass it on to other bloggers, and let them know about it.

Okay, I generally stick to the farm when I write posts.  So I think I’ll take this opportunity to give you a glimpse into the rest of my life.  Well, I’m a teacher.  I currently teach 7th grade behavior disorders.  Next year I get both 7th and 8th grade.  Somehow I seem to keep picking up more and more areas that I have a license to teach:  5-8 English, 5-8 world history, 5-8 learning disabilities, 5-8 behavior disorders, and middle school generalist.  Last summer, I finished my master’s degree.  I wonder what I should go for next.

Besides teaching, I have also worked as a CNA (nurse’s aide), nanny, short-order cook, and bartender.  I worked in the same bar for about fifteen years.  I’ve always said that was the best training I ever had for becoming a teacher.  I also have studied healing touch and Reiki.  If you’re not familiar with these, they are both methods of healing through the energy field.  I’d say the human energy field, but I also do a lot of healing with animals.  Finally, I am an ordained minister.

I guess the main idea is that I am constantly learning and trying new things.  Now I’ve become a real farmer, as opposed to the hobby farmer, and I am trying to become a full time farmer selling my wares from an on-farm market.  We’re learning how to make wines.  I make soaps and candles and bath salts.  I’m always ready to jump in and learn about things, and it seems like it is all coming to fruition with my life on the farm, as I work to make Eden Hills my reality.

To pass the blog on.  I would like to send this to:

Jaz at October Farm.  She has a wonderful site that has the most creative craft ideas, yummy recipes, gorgeous gardens, and an adorable dog.

Holly at Easy Living the Hard Way.  Her blog is filled with farming and cooking and granddaughters and bees.  I’m absolutely fascinated with her beekeeping.  Of course, the recipes all look yummy too.

Finally, I’d like to give it to Tracy at Journey to Casimir.  She’s a new blogger that tells about her entrance to farming.  It’s so refreshing to hear the reactions of a newbie farmer and be reminded of my own enthusiasm when it was new to me.

Please take a minute to leave a comment on the 100th Post Giveaway to enter the drawing.  There’s just a few days left to enter!  This is blog entry #94.


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