Early Arrivals

24 May

Mabel has been miserable for the last couple of weeks.  In the last week, she has been beyond miserable.  She hasn’t been able to eat or drink.  She hasn’t been able to sleep.  Her belly has been stuck out so far I was expecting four.  We could just watch both sides heave and roll.  Usually, she has a very easy time staying mobile, eating, drinking, and being relaxed.  I figured that she would be due May 29th if she was bred the day she was put in with the billy goat.

It is to the point that I was afraid she wasn’t going to make it to have the babies.  Today, Mom came out to check her while I was at work.  She had goop.  Mom came back and found two legs out.  Mabel was just lying there without even the energy to push.  Mom called the vets, and tried to pull the baby.  He was too slimy to be able to get him, so she ran to the house and grabbed one of my new bath towels, went back out and pulled.  He was backwards, but he was blowing stuff out of his mouth and nose.  He seemed to be doing well.

Mabel still had no energy to do anything.  The vet finally arrived.  He pulled the next one.  It was a mummy baby.  Who knows how long ago it had died, but that was causing most of her problems.  The vet told her that it is not uncommon for a mummy baby to stop progress.  In Mabel’s case, I think it is what was causing so much pressure on her stomach preventing her from eating.

After the mummy baby, out came a little girl.  She was also backwards, but seemed to be okay.  That was it, thank goodness.  It’s obvious they are a little early and that Mabel hasn’t been able to properly provide nutrition for them.  She doesn’t have milk yet.  I’m hoping that giving birth and actually eating will help bring her milk in.  If not, I’ll have two more bottle kids.

All Mabel has done is eat and sleep and give an occasional lick.  Mom had to help clean them off because Mabel just doesn’t have the strength left.  She’s looking after them, curling up to sleep with them and talking to them.  She’s just beat.  Hopefully, everyone will keep gaining strength.  I’m relieved she didn’t have four because I had promised her she could keep all the babies she had this year!

It was definitely not the best day to have babies.  The weather has turned unbearably hot and humid.  Today, the high temperature was 89 degrees.  This is while they are four-and-a-half to about five months pregnant.  Nobody was enjoying it.  They could just lay in the shade trying not to be too miserable.


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