Oh What a Day

18 May

It’s days like today that make me think I should stick with the nine to five job.  I am horribly behind in getting things done at home.  While I was trying to clean up the last of the mess in the garden, my neighbor yelled for me.  I had kids out on the road.  Those stinking kids were out.  Five of them had crawled under the fence and were browsing across the road.  I was not happy with them.  It didn’t take much for me to get them across the road and shinnying under the fence.  While I was getting my tail count, a wild turkey flew from the ditch about a yard in front of me and winged its way across the pasture.  I’m not sure which of the two of us was more scared.

Since the neighbor and her three-year-old son had followed, I asked if he wanted to feed the bottle goats.  We got the bottles and Angel was a trouper.  Of course, she loves her bottle.  She was almost laying on her belly with her face tilted to get low enough to nurse.  Finally, I asked if he wanted me to hold the bottle so he could pet her.  That made everyone happy.

With that taken care of, I could move on to my next task.  My dad is usually so wonderful and helps by mowing my yard until I get done teaching for the summer.  He had a surgery on his elbow.  He’s recovering, but he is not doing anything.  Caleb brought me the riding lawn mower so I could get this done tonight.  I usually use the push mower, but I wanted to get it done quickly.

After the four or so inches of rain last week, my ditch was still really wet.  I decided to go for it.  I opened the gate into my yard, drove down into the ditch and got only part way up the other side before the tires just started spinning.  Oh well, I’d just back out.  That worked about as well.  I couldn’t get back up the ditch.  I’ve had to give it a little push before to get Dad into the yard.  I just end up covered in mud.  Mom had stopped out, so I finally put it in park and walked back to have her sit on it.  For some reason, I couldn’t get it in the yard.  Luckily, I got it back on the road.

She helped me take it through the barnyard around and into the yard through the panel I had just unwired to make it easier when my uncle comes to till the garden.  Finally, I started mowing.  I was just breezing along getting the crap slapped out of me by tree branches, getting stuck on small slopes that still had soggy ground, and not being able to get close to the trees and fences.  It was a nice reminder of why I usually use the push mower.  I was almost getting done in the yard when another person stopped to tell me I had goats out.  This time, all eight kids were out.

This means my priority for tomorrow after I get off work, is trying to hobble the fence between the pasture and the corn field.  I guess I’d rather leave the nine-to-five job and farm full time.  Until that is possible, I guess I’ll keep working frantically until I am home for the summer.


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