Rain is a Good Thing?

12 May

We seem to be stuck in a rainy weather pattern.  I was a bit concerned about our field trip to the zoo yesterday.  I decided to be prepared and went to buy some new rain boots.  I thought my chore boots might be a bit too “colorful” for school.  Besides, the left boot leaks.  I also decided that if I’m wearing rubber boots to work, I might as well make a statement.

Even though it was cool, the rain was for the most part done by the time we arrived.  Overnight we had some more rain.  When I left the house this morning, the dog food bowl was full of only dog food.  Now, it is dog food soup.  I’m guessing this will end up being another goose treat.

This afternoon, while I was trying to do chores, it began raining again.  Then it started thundering.  Then it started pouring.  The cattle didn’t bother coming all the way to the barn, but you can see that it was raining a lot (I even opened the window without a screen to take the picture).

Looking to the south, you can see the water running down the cow path.

I was drenched by the time I got back to the house.  The thing that really caused me to stay out in the rain was, surprisingly, the geese.  The sitting goose in the middle part of the barn hatched two goslings yesterday (and attacked me for walking past her like I’ve done for the previous twenty-eight days).  I went to check on her as the rain began coming down harder, but they were not in there.  I found them in the barnyard with Mom and two more adults.  One was completely covered by her wings, but the other had its downy little bottom sticking out.

I got some corn and put it inside the barn.  Then I deftly snatched the babies while they were wondering why I was paying attention to them.  I used the babies as bait, and got them to come into the barn.  I don’t think they came out until the rain had lessened.  Hopefully, they get a little smarter about it.  This was not the worst gosling rescue I’ve had.

Two years ago, I was sleeping soundly until the sudden wind woke me.  This was followed by the rain and then the electricity going out.  I sat in the living room holding the dog’s paw until it quieted down enough that I was relatively confident I wouldn’t be hit by flying debris.  The six little nannies had lost their shelter, so I sent them scurrying into the barn (so much for weaning).  Then I thought of Gabby’s nine goslings.  With my flashlight, I began searching the barnyard.  Every so often, I’d see little webbed feet sticking up wildly flapping trying to right themselves.  I’d scoop it up, tuck it into my sweatshirt and move on to try and find more.  I gave up after finding six.  My next problem was trying to figure out how to dry them off and warm them up without electricity.  It was my son who asked about the car.  I put a towel in my largest mixing bowl, threw the goslings in and dashed off to the garage.  I started the car and turned the heat on high.  I think I sweated off five pounds, but the babies warmed up and started chirping and then curled up to sleep.  Luckily, the electricity came back on and I could put them under a heat lamp instead of sleeping sitting up in the car.  I returned them to a very grateful Mom, Dad and all the other relatives the next day.  It was two days later before I finally found the remaining three goslings that didn’t make it.  One had been blown a full fifty feet out of the barnyard.  Hopefully we don’t have anything that bad this year.


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