Garden Woes

8 May

It’s been a hard year to try and spend time getting my garden in this year.  I started by getting the tiller out, and Dad helped me get it going.  I got a small plot tilled and planted the potatoes and garlic.  Then I got distracted with other work.

Of course, Mother Nature took over once I planted, and the potatoes and garlic have started popping through the ground.

The weeds have grown up as well.  I need to find time to take care of that.

I even have lettuce growing because last year’s lettuce reseeded itself.  It was very good lettuce, so I might leave it instead of tilling it under.  Of course, it might be easier to start over and replant instead of trying to get the weeds out.

I just don’t understand why I am finding chunks of potato lying on top of the ground again.  My rows seem to be missing chunks from them.  I have only two possible explanations for this.

Stella would be one possible reason.  She’s sitting on top of one of my potato rows.

Mushu found the rawhide Stella stole from the house and buried in the garden.  This is why I try never to give her a rawhide when the garden is in.  They don’t even seem to care that they are tromping through my garden strewing seeds and stuff all over the place.

Besides the dogs, it’s been difficult to find time or cooperating weather to get anything done.  The first of May was finally quiet enough for me to burn some brush, but that’s it.  Now I have to mow before I can start working in there.  My uncle bought a tiller for his small tractor that he is willing to play with in my garden.  Of course, I still have to get it cleaned off first.  It has to get dry enough to till the garden.  Now, we are under a freeze warning for tonight.  It might not be bad that things are not planted, but I’d like to get it ready to plant.  I’d even like to add some garden space where I plan on having the on farm market.


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