Finishing Sunday

4 May

Dad came out Sunday morning so we could cut the panels from the old corn crib down to the same height as cattle panels.  We used the Ranger to haul the gas tanks for his torch out to the panels in the new pasture.  They fit in the box perfectly!  I don’t think he was too confident about me getting us there at first, but the Ranger went through the rough barnyard like a champ.  We put a couple of posts in the ground to hold them.

This made it a lot easier to reach.  With the torch, he just cut right through them.  Now it’s my job to turn the panels into a lane to guide the bovine into the pasture and keep them out of the corn field.

After cutting the panels, I showed him the crossings Jeremy put back there and the orchard.  It looks much better since I hauled the push mower up and mowed the whole area and around it.  We also took chainsaws, and he cut some limbs from the fence in the southwest corner.  I still need to do more work before I can put goats out there, but it’s a start.

By this time, I had figured out Maxine was going to have her baby, and Mom came out to help plant raspberry bushes in the orchard.  Of course, we first walked back to check on Maxine.  That wasn’t too exciting, although we saw a beautiful woodland flower.  Any ideas what it is?

We did notice that there was a giant puffy cloud, but we didn’t think too much about it because the weather was supposed to be clear with just a slight chance of an evening shower.

See, we really were bored watching Maxine, so we headed back to the barnyard to load up and go plant.  On our way, we found a hole.  I thought it might be a fox or coyote den.  Any ideas on what might have made this?

We went to the orchard, but it started sprinkling about the same time we arrived.  So much for the weather forecast!  I got holes dug, but Mom only had about two plants in the ground before we dropped everything and made a run for it.  After holing up in the cattle shed for the duration of our severe thunderstorm warning, I took Mom back to the house and she went home.

After the rain stopped, I walked through the pastutre again so I could check Maxine and her baby.  I noticed how fresh the clover looked with the raindrops still sitting on it.

I went back to the orchard later and finished planting the raspberries and an apple tree.  I still have two shagbark hickory trees to plant up there, and I still need to put up the grape vine supports.

As I was finishing with the day’s planting, another dark cloud was approaching.

It did bring a bit more rain with it.  Yes this is still all on Sunday, but I had to finish the events of Sunday because the days following still have events to write about.  I guess I should expect spring to be this busy!


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