Silver Lining

30 Apr

Last night’s sunset was a good reminder of the expression, “Every cloud has a silver lining.”  If I were a poet, I would begin waxing poetic.  Since I’m not, I’ll simply ramble on in prose.  It was one of those luminous sunsets with brilliant rays reaching across the sky.

We had storms approaching from the west, and they thankfully missed us.  We got some rain, which means it will again delay getting the corn planted.  There is still time to get it in and have a good crop.  The plants in the orchard are all growing well.  I haven’t had to water them since we first planted them.

At least Maxine didn’t decide to give birth to her calf during a rain storm.  She should have good weather for much of the next week.  This would be a good time to bring a new baby into the world.  She has a big beautiful pasture to raise her calf in.

I have been extremely exhausted from work lately.  This year I am even more excited than ever  to enter summer break.  Thankfully, I only have a bit over a month until school is out.  I will have an increased work load next year, teaching both seventh and eighth grade behavior disorders.  More students, more preps, more rooms, more teachers to collaborate with.

Because three teachers in my building lost their jobs this last week due to budget cuts, I’m even more thankful that I have a job to return to next fall.  I hope my colleagues can find a silver lining.  I hope they can find their dream in the clouds and make this an opportunity to reach it.


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