Feeding Bottle Kids

27 Apr

It has been quite the challenge to feed Cutie’s twins, Angel and Vixen.  Half the time I have to feed them one-handed to keep Mason from bouncing on them and trying to play.  I guess that was good practice for when I wanted to take their picture.

I had some goat milk in the freezer, but not enough to raise even one kid, much less twins.  As luck would have it, one of the guys from work had a nanny who lost her babies.  He works the afternoon and comes in about the time I leave, so he brings Clover milk and I take it home to the girls.  They seem to think it is tasty!

Clover is starting to slow down her production, and I just cut the girls down to two bottles per day.  They are not very happy about this.  They seem to think I am starving them.  I don’t think they look like it’s effecting them too badly.

“Please, Ma’am, may I have some more?”

They are eating grain with their mom.  I must say there was a problem yesterday.  Angel and Vixen were just standing there instead of eating.  Then I noticed the geese eating from their pan, so I went in and shooed the geese away.  Did they start eating grain?  No, they started sucking my fingers and chin and begging for a bottle.  Today, I threw some handfuls of corn for the geese.  That helped distract the birds.

They also like to eat their hay.

Sometimes Mason, their nephew, is a pain in the butt, literally.

Vixen doesn’t take anything from him, and he gives up to see if Angel found more corn.

She’s not as assertive and goes to eat with Mom.

They are all three big, healthy kids.  Hopefully, Clover can keep up with the girls for at least another month.


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