Random Thoughts

25 Apr

What am I going to do with all the blueberry vinegar from our wine?  Maybe add some ginger and fresh garlic to make a marinade for steak.  Maybe add some thyme and marjoram with some olive oil as a vinaigrette for a salad.

Two of the Canada goslings from last year came to visit again today.  It makes me wonder if the third one is sitting on a nest.  I hope they keep making their visits to me.

Stella is in heat.  If I ever wanted puppies, this would be the time.  Not thinking that would happen even if I really wanted puppies because I couldn’t ever get her to a male.

How glad am I that I found these eggs before the geese were sitting!  The Chinese goose had fourteen eggs in one nest.  The rest came from two others.

Mabel is huge.  She still has five to six weeks before her due date.  How many babies does she have in there!?!  Did she think, “She said I can keep all my babies, so I’ll see how many I can have.”

How can it be fair that Millie’s blog gets more readers and comments than mine?  She only talks about life in the barnyard.  I talk about the whole farm operation.

We have people saying they want to invest in our winery.  We are quite a ways out for even applying for a license.  I think that is quite a compliment for our wines.  It also kind of scares me that I’ve made so public my intentions.  Now I have to follow through.

How will I ever manage to finish and maintain all the things I’ve started on this farm?

The magnolia petals have fallen from the trees.  It is now a thick carpet of petals covering the ground.

Jilly is awfully cute.  She’s obviously pregnant with her round belly.  I’m not sure any of the other yearling girls look pregnant.  Maybe I should have the vets come do ultrasounds so I have an idea if they are even bred.

Is Maxine going to hold off on her baby until we get dry weather?  I’m guessing right around May first for her due date.  I wonder if it will be red like her or black like uncle MJ.


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