Ranger: Day 1

24 Apr

After the whole trek up the hill and being scared to drive the truck across the crossing and getting the backhoe stuck going to the orchard and walking forever to check Maxine, better off-road transportation than my feet really became a priority.  With the rain, Jeremy and my mom decided to go check things out for me.  Basically, all I had to do was show up the next day with a check so Jeremy could load it up and bring it home.

It is a 2008 Polaris Ranger 700 4×4.  I like the red color.

Even though I got it used, it was really clean.  It hadn’t had a lot of hard work hours on it.  It has under the seat storage and all kinds of other places to store stuff.

The box is really roomy.  I love that it can be dumped with just one lever.  I can already think of a lot of uses.  If I had had it in the morning, it would have saved me walking all over the wet, muddy pasture looking for Maxine.  As it is, I’ve already taken it out to work on fixing fence.  This is the corner of fence that the old, dead tree fell on.  Because it is a corner, I had to be a bit creative to get it fixed.  I used the old cattle panels and then came in from the original fence line.  I still need to do just a bit more work connecting the fence to the panels.

It is not pretty, but it will work, especially once I get the electric wire around there.  I loaded up the left over posts with my other fencing supplies and went back to town to pick up Mom to show off.  It might seem weird taking the Ranger and driving around town, but the small town I live near has a high number of people who’s main in-town transportation is golf carts or Rangers.  I actually fit in when not driving a car.

After picking Mom up, I showed her my fence building.  Then it was off to the orchard.  The Ranger made it over Jeremy’s two crossings even after an inch of rain in the last day.  We had no problems; in fact it was smoother and easier than with the truck.  The other swampy areas were also a breeze, and then we drove strait to the top of the hill.

On a side note, all the dormant trees and bushes and vines we planted are starting to look alive except for one or two.  After leaving the orchard, we went to the far back where I had never been before.  It’s not a big surprise that I found more fence that needs fixed before I can turn the goats out.  At least I have a way to get there with the necessary materials now!  On our way out through our soon-to-be corn field, we stopped and picked up more rocks.  I will confess the box seemed pretty high up trying to heft the big rock into it.  I’m not sure where the bucket came from, but since it was in the middle of where we want to plant corn in the next week, we decided to pick it up on our way by.

After all the effort to load the big rock, I decided I could hardly wait to see how easily the box would dump.

It was a snap!  I think this Ranger will be the best addition I could have made to my equipment list.  Come to think of it, it’s about the first thing I could put on an equipment list.  I am so loving this Ranger!


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