On Farm Market

22 Apr

If I actually quit doing other things long enough to plant a garden, I’d like to try and sell the surplus this summer.  I figure I will spend a large amount of time this summer working up north.  We have to tear down the trailer house.  Hopefully, this will give me enough wood to rebuild the love shack and add another birthing building.

We also need to clean up the cougar cages.  Yes, I really said cougar cages, or wolf.  They housed both.

Eventually, I think it would be neat to use the old loading chute as some kind of giant lawn ornament with the name Eden Hills painted on it.

The well beneath the windmill needs filled in.  I think it will make another great focal point for the farm.

There is junk all over that needs to be cleaned up and hauled away.  Besides the poor tree below growing through the roll of wire out of a crack in the concrete slab, there are trees growing with the barbed-wire fence through them.  There are other chunks of concrete and junk to clean up also.

I figure if I’m going to spend that much time there, I might as well open for business.  There is a building up there.  It needs bird netting added.  One big door needs replaced.  The small door needs replaced.

It’s kind of a mess on the inside too.  That empty space is now occupied with Brandon’s flarebox wagon.  I’m thinking sweet corn, pumpkins.

I must admit that we added the two tin shelters.  They will come in handy.  It’s always nice to have more places for the temperamental goatie girls to get away from each other.

Windows need to be replaced.  Every window in the building needs to be replaced.

Assuming I eventually get time to put in my garden, think I can actually get this cleaned up to be a temporary market until I can get my permanent building put up?


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