Quick Cutie Update

20 Apr

After the gruesome picture of Cutie a while ago, I thought I should give an update.  Her black eye is much better.  You can still see a couple of small scratches.  I was a bit concerned when she continued having a clear liquid draining down the udder.  She had a white stuff that looked gross up on the wound.  She is not trusting enough for me to really check it out because she was getting shots of antibiotics.  Finally, I called the vet for advice.

I was relieved when he wanted to know if that part of the udder felt cool, indicting that it was dying.  Hers was cool, but I think it was due to the liquid running down it.  I did manage to get close enough to check it out a bit better because Minnie decided to come near the fence, and the two were butting heads.  The liquid running down her udder was whey, the clear liquid part of the milk.  The white that I couldn’t tell if it was pus, turned out to be the curds, solid white part of milk.  Yes, her udder was leaking.  She has actually formed a scab over it and is feeling better.  Her kids are slowing down a little bit on the bottle, so I think she is making more milk for them again.  I think all will be well, but she is definitely retiring again.  Now I just have to figure out how Cutie and Minnie can share a retirement home next winter so they aren’t getting bred.  Those two do not get along.


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