AArrgh vs. Ye Haw!

19 Apr

While I was riding in the backhoe with Jeremy, I had an epiphany.  It all started with building a couple of crossings to get the truck on the other side of the ditches.  I must say, I was absolutely scared out of my wits as we’re lurching and rocking and tipping.  I want all four tires and my two feet firmly on the ground.  Jeremy just laughed at me.  He loves the heavy equipment and working on tiling and shaping the land.  He thinks the backhoe is fun when it gets its front tires off the ground.  He took us for a test drive in the pickup all the way back to the top of the hills where I wanted to plant the orchard.  I must say, I was even a bit nervous sitting in the passenger seat with him driving the truck across the newly made land bridge.

Then I had to drive the truck across.  It wasn’t quite so bad.  When I was driving, I felt so much more in control.  After loading the truck with plants, I took my mother and began my way back to the top of the hill.  I could see her stiffen as we went across the first crossing, but when I went to go across the second one, she pretty much panicked and screamed like a baby.  Okay, that is an exaggeration, but she did say stop and tell me I wasn’t going to drive over that.  I pretty much ignored her and said that Jeremy and I had made it.  We too made it to the top of the hill.  You can see my house from up here.

Back to the epiphany.  I think this difference in attitude on crossing the ditches explains a lot about a person.  Jeremy is a risk-taker.  He farms, and we all know farming is risky.  He started his own tiling business.  He jumps in and is adventurous.  This leads to huge risks and possibilities of huge benefits.  I love the farming and want to do so as a living, but I am not willing to take the risk and just jump right in.  I work full time until I can get established on the farm.  Then I will gradually expand until I can farm full time.  I want the life without the risk.  Mom likes to take the time to smell the dandelions.  I have no idea what that means, but I liked the dandelion, and she is the artistic one.  Okay, she is retired and has the time to smell the flowers, but she goes along for the ride, helping and supporting our efforts.  She can see the beauty in our plans and visions, and she is our cheerleader.

So I ask, if you were in the the truck riding across the muddy crossing, would you be yelling “Ye haw!” and enjoying the ride.  Would you scream “Aarrgh”and make a wish to live through it?  Would you hop out of the truck and look at the dandelions?  What is your nature?


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