Fences Part I

11 Apr

We did a lot of work this weekend on the fences.  We had to tear out two stretches of fence.  The one pictured below was the shorter length, but it had woven wire and panels.  The other was longer with barbed wire on top and bottom and woven wire in between.

Dad, Mom, and I started on Thursday trying to get rid of the barbed wire.  Friday, Dad worked by himself removing the staples and pulling posts.  We started again on Saturday morning.  Dad and I got the posts picked up, removed the rest of the panels, and pulled the woven wire out of the ground.  He was quite inventive–using the wood splitter on the back of the tractor to pull up and get the woven wire out of the ground.  Then he drove across the field pulling the fence behind.  It was a lot easier to get out of the ground than I thought it would be.

In the afternoon, Mom and I finished picking up and folded the wire up so we can take it to be recycled.  By the time we finished, it looked so much better.  There are six posts left, but we needed a bigger tractor to pull them out.  They also have just a tiny bit of wire left on them.

Most of the telephone poles have been cut up.  There is still one left in the soon to be corn field.  We’ve already burned once, and we’ll need to get things pushed together and the rest of the tree rubbish added to the pile so we can burn again.

It looks much better now.  You can see the rich Iowa soil that is perfect for raising corn (and beans next year).

It is really starting to make me believe this is all a reality and not just an awesome dream.


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