Personality Conflict

5 Apr

There are some people who just can’t seem to get along.  It is no different with the goats.  I have twenty-three girls rooming together.  It seems that we have age cohorts that generally get along.  They play together as kids, get weaned,  grow up together and become moms at the same time.  Well, wait.  It seems like there is always one that is a bully to the others.  Cutie was the bully of the first year.  Muffin is the pushy one in the next year.  The next time I had several that I kept in the same age, Kizzy turned out to be the naughty girl.  Finally, Jilly has shown herself to be the pushy girl out of last year’s babies.

Sisters, Muffin & Lily pushing each other around.

We also have family groups.  I’m not sure if being related helps them get along or not.  Of my original four Saanens that are probably half or whole sisters, there are some that get along and some that don’t.  Minnie fights with Meg or Cutie.  She won’t start anything, but she will definitely finish what the others start.  Meg and Cutie tend to get along.  Millie and Minnie I swear are twins just because they always curled up together before they had adult daughters to curl up with them.  Millie generally gets along with everyone.  Mabel is good to her daughter and one grandkid.  The other grandkid gets pushed away.

The mother-daughter bond seems to be forever.  I took Lily from Mabel the day she was born because Mabel can’t raise all three babies.  She was mine exclusively.  She followed me everywhere, wanted to have lap time every time I was out there, and was constantly under my feet.  After the two boys left, Mabel and Lily began to sleep next to each other again.  They still stay fairly close after four years.  Belle and Annie are another mother daughter pair that was separated at birth.  Belle left the farm and returned about a year later to become a mother herself.  She went into the same pen as her mother, and Annie was upset.  She picked on poor Belle for a week before she finally settled down, and Annie had never picked on anyone.

Right now, the rain is falling, and it is a challenge for everyone to find a place to get in and stay dry.  Cutie won’t let her two-year-old daughter in the shelter.  Annie is back to being the bottom of the pecking order, so she doesn’t know where to go, and her daughter Sally won’t go in without Mom.   Kizzy is too big and fat to fit in her old hiding places away from the big and grumpy.  Lily is stressed with two adult daughters wanting to be with her along with the twin babies.  Meg is a whirling dervish, trying to clear the whole room for her and her new daughters.

I hope the rain doesn’t last too long.  This is why I really want to make sure I get another building put up this summer.  I need it for birthing pens.  I also need more rooms for rainy days when personalities clank horns.


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