Easter Egg Hunt

4 Apr

When I went out to do morning chores, I found my first egg of the day.

It was just sitting there in the middle of the barnyard.  It was a reminder that I hadn’t checked for goose eggs lately, and I hadn’t heard Mom talk about finding any.  She had been gathering them when she fed the bottle babies.  I went to the nest in Cutie and Pam’s lean-to.

I was afraid this was what I would find.  It is the one nest I had checked the night before, and this is how it looked then.  This means we will probably have goslings in about 26 days.  My next stop was in the middle part of the barn.

Notice how she pulls the hay right up to make sure the eggs are all completely covered.  This is starting to be scary.  It could mean a lot of goslings if this one is also setting.  Hopefully, she’ll be off the nest later, and I can take the eggs then.  I have another stop in the barn.  For some reason, they thought it would be a good idea to hop into the manger and make a nest in the corner.

Finally another egg!

Only one more place to check.  I know Gabby has a nest in the old greenhouse.  She made it under the workbench, so it is very protected.

Gabby is the one that most consistently hatches and raises babies.  She is a very good mom.  I know she will be off her nest again later today, but once she decided to sit, there is nothing short of dragging her off by the neck and getting bit the entire time that would get her off the nest.  Needless to say, I simply try to keep down the number of eggs she will be sitting on.

And what do I do with all the goose eggs I gather?  Because I don’t always find a nest right away, some of them are extremely dirty, and they get thrown.  The shells are so tough they bounce across the pasture when you throw them, which was a lot of fun for the boys when they were younger.

The others I give to Mom.  She’s the artistic one.

A lovely basket of spring flowers.

A duckling trying to hatch.

A Chinese dragon.

A lop-eared bunny.

A flower design.

Hope all your eggs are decorated today!


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