Wine on the Weekend

3 Apr
Cabinboy Jim, Chapel, Grape, and Coconut wine

It seems like every weekend we have something to do with the wine–raking, stabilizing, or bottling.  This weekend was especially busy.  We had to stabilize the one we call Cabinboy Jim.  It is a spiced pumpkin wine.  It really does smell like somebody opened the spice cupboard.  I was surprised at how smooth it was.  When it began, it was overpowering, but I could see sipping a glass of Cabinboy Jim at Thanksgiving.  It will get bottled in two weeks, after the stabilizer has had plenty of time to make sure all the yeast is dead.  I really have no desire to have a bottle of wine explode in the basement.

Jeremy sampling Cabinboy Jim.

We had three others to rack.  First was Chapel.  That is very simply a combination of cherry and apple, hence Chapel.  When we first started this batch, it smelled just like cherry pie.  Now it tastes more like a Sweetart.  Although it is a bit sweet (we put half the sugar in the next batch), it is by far my favorite of the wines we’ve made.  It probably has about six weeks before it is ready to bottle.  We are just waiting for it to finish completely clearing.

The next one we racked was a grape wine.  We used frozen grape juice from my mother’s neighbor.  All along, it has had a very strong grape smell.  It is a heavy-bodied wine that is shaping up to be pretty good.

Grape wine.

Finally, Brandon wanted to try coconut wine, so we made coconut wine.  It actually uses, dates and water from partially boiled rice.  When we first started it, you could see three very distinct layers:  chunky fruit on the bottom, liquid wine in the middle, and a layer of coconut oil on top.  Very interesting.  I think that is the only way to describe it.

Mom trying to figure out coconut wine.

We saved the coconut for last because it had the potential of oiling up our autosiphon.  The autosiphon is a wonderful tool.  I’m not sure how we ever got along without it.  Okay, I was sucking on the end of the hose and the boys would laugh at me, causing me to laugh and not make much progress.  Now, just a couple of pumps on the inside tube and it works like a charm!

Using the autosiphon

I will admit, however, that it looks like we are rather ghoulish and doing something with blood flowing through the hose.  Really, it is just our grape wine.


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