The Nature of Bottle Kids

30 Mar

I just love bottle kids.  There is nothing on the planet sweeter.  When you have a bottle kid, you can predict the reaction you get every time you step into the barnyard.  The kid is out bouncing and playing with all his goatie friends.  Then, they spot you.  Without slowing down or missing a single hop or jump, they come running straight for you.  When you hold the pop bottle with kid nipple attached down to their level, they start sucking before they ever reach you.  In their excitement, they miss the nipple, slide down the bottle and end up sucking your knee.  Once you back them up and one hand against their chest, you can get the nipple in their mouth.  From then on it is a blissful gurgling and gulping as their mouth never stops moving.  The tail is wagging as fast as it can.  There is no stopping them until the milk is gone and you hear the sucking of air.  Once you manage to get the bottle out of their mouth, they go back to the knee.  After giving up the hope of getting more milk, they just turn sweet and cuddly.  How I love bottle kids!

Nero demonstrating the typical view of a bottle kid.

Then there are Angel and Vixen.  Don’t get me wrong, they are sweet and cuddly when you are holding them.   They drink their bottle with gusto.  The problem is catching them.  I’ve never seen bottle kids that you actually have to catch; usually, you can’t get away from them.  I started trying to sneak up on them when they were sleeping.  That worked for the first one.  The second one was likely not to get a bottle.  I made sure I alternated the twin I started with.  After while, they didn’t work because they were more alert.  I couldn’t even catch one before they woke up and were leading me on a merry chase.  I chased them around the fallen oak tree.  I chased them around the old creep feeder.  I chased them around their mother, the water bucket, their big sister, and when I ran out of other things to chase them around, I would finally tackle them.  Seriously.

Finally I threatened their mother with taking her kids and lock them up in a small place where I could actually catch them.  I think she believed me because she does a great job of distracting them for me to catch them.  It’s still one at a time and I have to be sneaky, reaching over, under or around Cutie to grab a foot.  At least it has been easier and less exhausting than chasing them.  Tonight, I had caught Vixen and she was happy nursing from the bottle when Angel got tired of waiting.  With mom right beside her, Angel walked up to me!  Even more miraculous, she took the bottle.  I didn’t have to chase or anything.  Wow!  In another month, they might actually run up to greet me!


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