29 Mar

There are lots of animals that need trained around a farm.  The kids train them for 4-H projects.  MJ was trained to lead, but now I can’t find a halter big enough to fit him.  My llama was perfectly trained when I got him.  He would walk on a lead, and if you let the rope drop, he would stand still until it was taken off.  We train horses to ride for pleasure or cutting cattle.  We have to show the animals who the boss is and make sure we don’t lose control.

On my farm, I know who the boss is.  It is Mushu.  He is my eleven-year-old black lab, samoyed mix.  As a puppy he went to dog obedience classes, and he knows all his commands.  Mushu trained me when he was about two-years-old to let him in when it rained or when he just wanted to sleep on the carpet.  He demands that I give him a rawhide or an apple.  He loves apples.  I know they are ripe and ready for me to pick when he starts bringing them up to the house to bring in for a snack.

Mushu, watching squirrels

Bob is quite adept at giving me orders.  The other day I was enjoying a bit of fresh air with the window open, and Bob jumped up and came back in the house (No screens–Mushu came through them during a thunderstorm).  I’m fine with that, but he just walked over to the door and started meowing, no whining, to go outside.  Without thinking, I opened the door.  Usually, it’s walking in the back door and going straight to the front.  For some reason, it always works.


Millie runs the farm.  Millie is the goat that guilts me into keeping her kids.  Cutie runs the farm.  She beats me up to make me keep her daughter.  Seriously, she shoved me, and she butted heads with me, but as soon as I put a collar on her daughter, we were fine again.  Oh yeah, they know how to work me to get what they want.

Cutie Pie

I know my animals rule the farm, and I’m okay with that.  After all, it is their home too, and I do want to make sure they are happy in their life at Eden Hills.  If I spoil them rotten, in return I get a lot of appreciation and love and hugs and kisses.  Yep, I’ve bought their love, and I’m happy with that.


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