Escape-a Picture Story

27 Mar

I went out in the morning to give the kids their bottle.  Much to my surprise I couldn’t see a goat in the barnyard at all.  I quickly fed the babies, returned the bottle to the house, and came back to find my goats.  By the time I returned, the kids were all playing, including the ones who were supposed to be in the north pen.

I did a quick check of the buildings.  Meg was still in with her girls.  I found Minnie.  She’s a good goat to be where she belongs.

There’s Pebbles and her daughter, Spice, on the wrong side of the fence.  They aren’t supposed to be on the cow’s side.

But how did she get over there?  I don’t think she could fit under the panel where the geese go through.  Oh, how I wish the new cattle tank were sitting there with sparkling clear (ok, kinda rusty) water!

Well, the gate into the south pasture is closed.

Hmmm.  Looks like the ox was playing again last night.  But that still doesn’t tell me how she got out of her side of the barnyard.

Maybe I should worry about finding the eighteen missing goats and then figure out how they got out.  Aha!  There’s Mabel snacking on dead oak leaves.

You’d think she’d at least be trying some of the new little shoots of grass.  Okay, the cows are where they belong.  The hill behind them is where I plan on putting some fruit trees.

Look!  There!  Over the hill–its goats and a llama!  They’ve spotted me.

Here they come!   Maybe they’ll show me how they got out.  Hmmm, Millie can move pretty good for a fat old girl.

Scarlet and Betty Lou are waiting to be let in.  That doesn’t help me.

Helen is little enough to fit through the gate.  I’ll have to keep that in mind, but where did those big ones get out?

“It works for the ox.  Why can’t I just push it open?” questioned Litha.

Lily is not a little goat.  If she can fit through there, everybody can make it.

To-do List Item # 537:  Fix Gate.


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