Meg’s Kids or Wattles

24 Mar

Meg’s kids finally made their arrival.  When I checked her this morning before work, she was not doing anything exciting.  When I went to my team meeting, my cell phone signaled I had a message.  It has to wait until I’m in a meeting because my classroom is a cell phone dead zone, much to the annoyance of my students.  The message said, “Meg’s in labor.”  Short, sweet, and to the point.  When I went to warm up my lunch, I again got the message signal.  This time, it was irritatingly short, “Yeah, she has kids.”  I rushed to call her back.

Meg had been working hard to have her kids, but after a bit Mom decided to call for reinforcements.  Luckily, Jeremy was around, and he came out to assist.  With just a bit of help the first baby arrived–mostly black with some white on the legs and sides.  She has long even wattles, unlike Mom’s short lop-sided ones.  In just a couple minutes, her twin sister made her appearance.  She is more like Meg’s previous kids-white and light red.  This one is a bit smaller than the first.  She also has wattles, but they are attached to the under side of her ears.  You can jut see it from under her ear.

After having her kids, Meg was still not acting normal–just laying and still kind of pushing and pawing the ground.  Because of her birthing history (triplets, tangled babies), this caused concern.  When Mom gave her hay and she wouldn’t touch it or get a drink, that was really a cause for alarm–I’ve never known Meg not to eat.  Neither Mom nor Jeremy had the stomach to check for another kid, so I said to just call the vet.  She is one you have to check to know for certain.

Mom began trying to get the vets at 12:15 pm.  When I checked back at 2:15 pm and they still had not arrived, I was not too happy.  Mom said Meg had finally passed the placenta.  This meant she should not have anything else in there, so I told her to forget it and call to cancel the vets coming.  I was coming instead.  By the time I drove home, the cervix was already closing up.  It’s amazing how quickly the muscles go back to normal.  I’ll keep an eye on her, but it is most likely she pulled a muscle when pushing, as she is looking a bit more comfortable.  Now she just looks like she needs a good night’s sleep.  I know that is what I will be really looking forward to tonight.

We are done kidding until school is out in June.  Tail count so far:  8 girls; 3 boys


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