Wine and Woes

21 Mar
Jeremy and Brandon run the corker.

I started my morning by bottling Madilyn’s Delight, our pumpkin wine.  Nephews Jeremy and Brandon came out and we filled our bottles.  I must say the auto-siphon makes that job much easier.  I’m sure it’s much more hygienic than using the old suck on the hose method.  The corker is still tricky, making sure the cork goes in to the top but not beyond the lip of the bottle.  We did have to re-cork three of them.  I’m confident we’ll get better at it, or we might get a better corker.

I am amazed at how clear the pumpkin wine finished.  Obviously, it started pumpkin orange, but it just kept getting lighter until it is an amazing white wine, semi-sweet and perfect for dinner.  I must say it is exceptionally smooth also.  I am not a big wine person, but it is one I could easily drink.  I can hardly wait for bottling the strawberry wine next weekend!

Cutie took last year off from having babies.  The last time she had kids, in 2008, she had a difficult time.  Her knee and shoulder were bothering her to the point she could hardly walk on it by the time the kids got here.  She also had a fever from a uterine infection.  She was too sick to even push, and we had to pull the babies.  I wasn’t surprised when, a week later, Pam was starving.  I became Pam’s bottle provider, Cutie took the year off, and she was doing so well we decided to have babies again.

She handled the pregnancy well.  She was a champ, having them all on her own.  She takes such wonderful care of her babies, and she is great about letting me help her girls nurse.  While helping one of the babies manage her big teat, I felt that her udder seemed fairly fibrous.  Mastitis would explain the  lack of milk from two years ago.  With goats, its highly unlikely that the bacteria can be completely eradicated–it goes dormant until the doe begins lactating again.

We did immediately start Cutie on antibiotics, and she seems to be doing well.  The udder still feels too fibrous, but she will be fine, and we will retire her permanently after this year.  The woe is how to make certain her babies are getting enough to eat.  I did not plan on having bottle kids, and I’m sure I can’t make it home and back to work on my lunch break.  Hopefully, she will be able to feed them on her own for a while and then just have me supplement before and after work.  My backup plan will be reminding my mom how cute they are and begging.  🙂

Cutie’s babies: Angel and Vixen

Finally, just to make the day even more interesting, Snickers decided he was not content with his usual habits.  Although annoying, I’m used to the cat wandering in and out of my cupboards at his will.  He’s usually just looking for a place to sleep where the other cats will leave him alone.  If I can’t find him, I know to look up.  One of his frequent sleeping places is on the shelf around the kitchen.  Well, today he decided to explore deeper.  I was alerted to his exploration by the loud, incessant whining (His last name is McWhiner.).  For the life of me, I couldn’t find him, not even after looking up and checking the cupboard.  Then Jeremy and Brandon told me that he was clear up on top of the refrigerator.  Not so much on top of it any more.  It was more like stranded in that narrow space between the fridge and the wall.  I guess he thought I should just drop everything and pull the refrigerator out into the middle of the room so he could get out.  What a cat!


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