Stubborn or Stupid

18 Mar

There gets to be a point when stubborn is no longer the issue.  The refusal to change our opinion or actions begins to have a negative impact on us, but we continue just because we refuse to change.  I’ve seen this many times in my students.  I’ve seen it several times in my son, and I confess that occasionally I have traveled the slippery slope from stubborn to stupid.  Now it’s the llama.  We opened up an additional sixty-eight acres and said, “Enjoy the pasture and clean running water.”  With that, I shut them out of my small pasture so it would have a chance to grow up before I turn the goats out into it.  Maxine, being a pregnant woman did not hesitate to walk through the new opening when I put hay out, the ox followed, and the llama would not budge.  I figured he’d go out once I left and his fear of another shot subsided.

“They’ll never get me over there. Never!”

This morning, I looked out my windows and did not see any of the three.  How cool that I can’t see them because they now have that much space.  Well, the llama was just standing behind the Love Shack.  He still hasn’t left the barnyard.  I decided to try and bribe him with corn.  That’s a much better bribe than hay.  I could give him a bite and get him to follow me right up to the fence line.  When it meant crossing the line, he just stretched that camelid lip and tried his darndest to reach the corn.  No good.  I tossed a handful to the geese who were reveling in the standing water.  He looked at the geese; he looked at the corn; he looked at the water, but no.  He would not budge.  He had to be thirsty since he no longer has a source of water in the barnyard.

Finally, I gave up.  I figure he can be stupid if he wants to be.  I’m just concerned that he will actually cross the line from stupid to survival of the fittest.  Surely he can’t be that stubborn stupid.


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