Closing: Take 3

16 Mar

I got the call yesterday that the FSA was ready to close. When they asked what time I was available, I really wanted to tell them, “Any time we’re not having babies.” Instead, I just gave them the much more cooperative, “Any time.” We settled on 11:00 am.
As with the last two nights, I went out before bed to check on my nannies. I decided it was highly likely that two of them were going to have babies quite soon. That meant I went back to the couch and sleeping in two to three hour shifts. Finally, at 7:30 the next morning, I called my mom to come take the next check, so I could sleep just a little more. I think I’ve hardwired my body to wake up after about every hour of sleep. I pretty much sat straight up and immediately asked when they had been last checked, threw on my boots, and went out the door.

Lily’s Twin boys

I arrived with Lily laying on her side grunting and pushing as hard as she could. I did a quick check and found that we had a head and only one foot–the other was still folded back. I helped get him out, and the next one was born without incident because he was positioned correctly. I left my mom with Lily while I went to check on Pebbles. When I walked into the barn, I immediately noticed her loud yells. Then I noticed she had both feet out and the head half way out. I arrived just in time to catch both girls.

Pebbles and her twin girls.

After getting moms and babies settled, that left me just enough time to get to the lawyer’s office to sign papers. It was quite anti-climactic. I simply signed my name and initials about two dozen times and wrote a check and it was done. It’s finally officially and completely done, other than payments for the next thirty years.
When I got back home, I noticed that Dolly had some problems with her girls–they were on the wrong side of the pen. Normally this would not be a big deal, but it is dangerous for them to be out with all the mud. We spent the next couple of hours trying to kid proof the pen. Mom’s job was to contain the two little girls, but she had a hard time keeping up with them.  It’s amazing how active a two-day-old kid can be. Throughout the course of the day, I decided their names are Pistol and Vinnie–figure out what that stands for.

A naughty little goat

Another good day on spring break. We have only two more girls left to have babies this week. Then we are done until June.


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