A Busy Day

14 Mar

If all of spring break goes the way today does, it will be highly productive, and I’ll be ready to go back to work just so I can rest. After the kids were born, my dad came out with his chainsaw. The trees quake clear down to their roots when he gets his saws out. This time, however, the living trees were all safe. He wanted to clean up the limbs that fell in the ice storm back between blizzards and winter storm warnings. It didn’t take long to get it cut and loaded.
I went back to checking goats and doing those Sunday activities like laundry and cleaning house. I got a call from my son that they were up north working on the new farm. I joined them, but I mostly just took pictures.

Jeremy had the fun task of using the backhoe to knock down two dead trees. This is a job my dad had hoped would be done last fall so he could cut on them throughout the winter. The weather so didn’t let that happen. He has plenty to cut on now.
We decided it would only be fair to let my son use the backhoe to take a tree out too, so we gave him the task of removing the tree in the middle of what will be our corn field.

We left Caleb to his little tree and breaking up the concrete slab next to the grain bin, while we started on the grain bin itself. Both the slab and the bin are also in the middle of our future corn field. Getting the inside of the bin cleaned out was the easy part.

After getting as much out as possible, we put Jeremy back into the backhoe to lay the bin down gently so we could work on getting the top off the panels.

I’m not sure it was possible to be any more gentle than that, but I’m also not sure it’s how we hoped it would turn out. Finally, we had the brilliant idea to put Caleb in the loader on the backhoe and let him reach the bolts and take them out with the impact wrench. Sounded good in theory, and Caleb was all good with this. He didn’t seem to believe my dad that it was going to cave in as soon as he got one of the panels loose from the top. He was a lot less cavalier about it after it dropped and he thought he was going to the ground. We managed to get a very small part of the fence removed. All in all it was a highly productive day. I think everyone, including Triksy, Jeremy’s dog, will be ready to sleep tonight.

Unfortunately, my day seems to have no end. I left the farm to come home and switch laundry before doing chores. When I stepped down to the basement floor, I found my foot drenched. There is finally enough water in the ground for it to begin leaking in the basement foundation. It makes me wish now I hadn’t kept telling myself that I had plenty of time to patch the cracks, or that I was too tired, or that this and that are more important. Now, I get to alternate using the shop vac in the basement with checking nannies all night. I can only assume that tomorrow will be just as busy and fun.


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