4 Mar

Farm Credit Services called today. Now the FSA is ready to do their closing on the farm, one week after it was scheduled. Now I have to take another half day from work to sign papers for them. I’m not sure if the seller has signed their part yet. I’m not sure if I have actually bought and taken possession yet. Hmmm, is this the norm when buying a property?
I think we are a go for doing the plumbing work this weekend. My brother-in-law is willing to put a hole in the slab of concrete we’re going to set the tank on. He even recommended adding a hydrant in the barnyard while we have everything dug up. Right now, I have to go between the yard and barnyard for every bucket of water. I’m so excited to get this done! Does it mean that my life is really sad when I get excited over a hydrant and cattle tank?
My seeds are sprouting! I have three celery plants that have come up. A bunch of tomatoes–beefmaster, bettery boy, roma, and sweet million cherry–have popped through the potting soil. I’m still waiting on the peppers. I’m kind of concerned that the luffa gourds haven’t germinated yet–they need a longer growing season than central Iowa can provide, and they better pop through soon, or they still won’t have a long enough growing season. Is there anything I can do to coax the little plant out of that seed?
I have six nannies that are looking really big. I have Cutie and Pam locked together in the north lean-to. My other mother and daughter pair, Lily and Dolly, are in the “love shack”. It is an ancient chicken coop with a roof that is only being held up by my prayers. Pebbles and Meg are still out with everyone. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get one small section in the barn converted into pens for them. I like to make sure they all have some quiet bonding time before they come out into the general population. Wow! Am I going to be able to get everything ready by the time the kids come?


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