1 Mar

Well, I signed papers today. We’ll actually finally close when the seller’s attorney gets papers signed, probably by Friday. Then I’ll just have to have another closing when the FSA gets funding. Truly I need to start a year ahead of time next time around, or I should just give a couple of weeks so it can’t get placed on the back burner. It’s all good!
The people came for the well AGAIN today. They added more air to the tank AGAIN. When I read my water meter today, I figured out why my well had to be broken. It was the only way for me to discover that I have a huge water leak. It used ten thousand gallons of water in the three-and-a-half days I had it running rural water instead of well water. I guess I’ll get to dig the pipes up and replace them this spring.
My peahens sounded the alarm again today. This time it wasn’t for a raccoon. It was for the eagle sitting in the top of the tree above their pen. It is such an honor to share their home.
Stella, my guard dog, did tree a raccoon tonight. Mushu, the old man, was trying to help out, when his bones weren’t aching so bad that he came back in to lay on his pillow. Magic was even thinking about climbing the tree to chase it–after all, it was in his squirrel tree. I figured Stella would go on her nightly rounds prowling the perimeter of the property and the coon would sneak away, but she did catch it. That is her job–protecting the livestock.


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