Less Than 24 Hours

28 Feb

By this time tomorrow, I will have signed papers and closed on the farm. Then I’ll be really in debt. How awesome is that! To accompany the eagles earlier in the week, I had a flock of wild turkeys on one of the hills in the back forty. I can’t say that they are the beautiful, impressive birds that the eagles are, but I was impressed with their size. I am so lucky to have this beautiful window into nature.
In an amazing display of animal communication, my peahens sounded the alarm. Their squwak immediately got Pam and Cutie’s attention. Cutie was staring into the pasture, and I saw what had started it–a sickly, skinny horrible pathetic raccoon trying to figure out how to get through the fence. It’s not good to see a fat raccoon during the day, but it’s really not good to see a skinny one that doesn’t run from my mother and I standing there talking. We called my son to come and put it out of its misery. By the time he arrived, the geese were honking their own warning and had formed a line that was marching quick time into the barnyard.
Meanwhile, the raccoon had found its way into the cattle shed and was trying to break into the birds’ section of the barn. After two shots, the raccoon finally managed to climb out the hole in the north wall, and I was starting to wonder if I had called the right person for the job. The boy redeemed himself, however, when he landed a shot while the raccoon was running away from him. A second finished the job.
I finally realized what was probably causing him to miss the “easy” shot. He was wearing his brand new prescription sunglasses. I suggested next time he not wear sunglasses when shooting in a dark building. Of course he wanted to know where the “guard” llama was. He was down in the pasture hanging out near the cows where he could occasionally spit at them and generally harass them. Figures.


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