20 Feb

Well, I did hear that there is a tentative time for the closing on my farm. I guess this means that the abstract was located and all the important people–lawyers and creditors–have been in contact. Hopefully, they remember to tell me when things are finalized.
As I see progress in purchasing the farm, my well has died. It is what I use to water my goats, birds, llama, cattle, and dogs. It also is what I use to fill the kiddie pools for the geese to play in. We’ll find out tomorrow what is wrong (probably rusted pipes caving in) and if it will be worth fixing.
I am working on getting the “greenhouse” ready. Okay–it’s really not much front porch with plastic on the windows and a space heater. It might not be much, but come tomorrow I’ll have lots of little seeds planted so that they are ready to transplant outside if the snow ever melts. Planting seeds is about the only way to look for spring right now. I know spring has to be coming because I saw reeses peanut butter eggs at the store today. 🙂


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