4 Feb

While still living with my mother, I thought my son was crazy. He started talking about the bird that was standing on our steer, MJ. After several times of Caleb telling us about seeing the bird, I finally saw him. He was a beautiful orange red rooster with a long, elegant tail. We gave him the name Foghorn Leghorn. Soon, we were seeing roosters all over town. I think we caught about ten that fall. I chose three to move to my acreage.
In the spring, we brought ducklings to the farm. I have never seen such lively, adorable babies. As soon as they were in the pen under the heat lamp, they would run after and jump to grab moths or flies from the air.
We bought some hens to go with our roosters. It’s amazing how much we can learn about behavior from the chickens. One rooster was always a favorite with the ladies. If you gave George a piece of bread, he wouldn’t eat it himself. He’d take it and break it into little pieces along the ground as he would call to the girls. He would share his bread with the ladies. He was quite the dancer too.
We added geese to our collection our second spring on the acreage. As hard as it was to imagine, they were even cuter babies. I could stand and watch them playing in the water, running around, biting at fingers and rings. They make a wonderful baby bird sound; almost hypnotic. It’s almost unbelievable they can go from the sweet little puffy babies to being huge heavy-bodied birds with raucous voices.
The final bird that we brought into our flock was peafowl. Beautiful white peahens and a peacock. Looking at the large body and tiny head it is surprising how well these birds can fly. It’s not surprising that they are not very smart.
I guess, I prefer the brainy birds to the beauties. My favorites are still the ducks and geese. These are the birds that form strong life-long bonds. One pair of geese, Gabby and Sir Hiss, should win the award for the best parents. They are so protective from when she is still sitting on her nest to both parents taking them into the pasture. They are protected until well after they have fully feathered and gotten their big goose voices.
I love my farm fresh eggs–I haven’t bought an egg in ten years. I’ve cooked with chicken, goose, duck and peafowl eggs! We have an amazing variety of feathers that the birds moult and we pick up.


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