The Good. The Random. The Fun

The Good.  I think this is a good place for the cat to sharpen his claws.  Way better than the couch!



The Random.  I love my dog.  That’s not the random part.



The random part is her recently developed hobby of digging.  Really???????

hold dug by dog

The Fun.  It’s always fun to take pictures of pretty flowers.

magnolia blossom

magnolia flower

I’m still waiting for the magnolia tree to fully open.  I’m hoping the rain and wind doesn’t ruin it.

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Still Doing Random Friday

1.  I miss Nancy and her blog and Random 5 Friday, so I guess I’ll just keep doing it.

Muffin and her daughter Jelly

SOOC Muffin and her daughter Jelly

2.  I really, really hope to make soap this weekend.  I have tubs of fats and oil measured out that I’ve been going to use since the first of the year–literally.  But then I had a chicken in the kitchen.  She was here until after the goat kids came in.  I did have about two glorious weeks without livestock in the house, and I’m hoping to be livestock free again this weekend.  Then I have to make soap because I had to use my display bar to fill an order I got today for one fragrance.

reflection of a goat


3.  I’ve had some people ask about how things were going with the sick kids.  If you haven’t been here lately, I had three kids sick with goat polio (a thiamine deficiency).  I lost two, and Pistol’s doe that nearly froze crashed with weakness also, so I began treating her, but I lost her.  That leaves Blaze’s doe, Gretel, who is doing much better.  I’m hoping to get her moved back out of the kitchen soon.

Monterey Jack

SOOC Monterey Jack

Sadly, I thought I was paranoid when I saw Bambi’s buckling look like he was wavering on one leg.  The next evening, he wouldn’t walk on it.  I began treating him.  The next day, I saw three kids that seemed a bit weak in the back legs.  I didn’t wait but started treating them right away.


SOOC Princess

They do seem to be doing better.  I still don’t know the cause, and my vet was stumped too. I just hope this is the end of it.



4.  Marley and three other goats have hoof rot.  That’s a side effect of having the steer in the barn with them all winter.  MJ is big enough (and poops enough) to keep the muck churned up and wet.  That’s not good for feet.  My son has been wonderful to help hold the two-hundred pound wether to give him antibiotics.  All four are improving, but it’s hard to completely clear up hoof rot in the spring.  I’ll keep using garlic rinses directly on their feet too.



5.  My magnolia tree is just to the point of bursting!  Today we have warm weather, so I expect by the time I get home, it will be quite lovely!

magnolia blossom

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Without any introduction, the topics for this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday are:  trick, selective color, mirror, bright colors, and close up.

Trick:  It was quite a trick for Snickers to get into the bowl, but he did it!

cat in a bowl

Selective Color:




Bright Colors:


Close Up:


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