Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Without any introduction, the topics for this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday are:  trick, selective color, mirror, bright colors, and close up.

Trick:  It was quite a trick for Snickers to get into the bowl, but he did it!

cat in a bowl

Selective Color:




Bright Colors:


Close Up:


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If You Wait Ten Minutes

1.  You’ve heard the expression, “If you don’t like the weather in Iowa, just wait ten minutes.”  Well, yesterday, that was the truth.  We woke to fog, had rain, sleet, hail, snow and wind.  It was a very sloppy weather day.

foggy pasture

foggy morning

rain on windshield

rain in the morning

muddy gravel road in fog

mud puddles on the gravel road


hail late in the morning

2.  About two weeks ago, I forgot my appointment to get my taxes done. I’d say I can’t believe I forgot the appointment, but that was the time I was dealing with a minor crisis each evening.  I dropped them off, and I got the letter yesterday that they had them finished.  I have awesome tax people.  I knew they’d get it done before the farm taxes are due the first of March.


Rain, but I didn’t photograph the scary to the ground lightening or thunder.


rain and sleet sliding down the window

rain, sleet and hail

rain, sleet and hail all at once

sloppy gravel road

made the gravel roads even worse

3.  I need to have my bulk bin filled with corn again.  I’m a bit nervous about that because the bin is in a tough spot to fill (nearby electric wire).  The driver is not very good at problem solving.  I’m seriously afraid of how this will all turn out, especially now that there’s more ice than snow.


The snow arrived in the afternoon,

giant snowflake

in giant snowball like flakes.

snowy barn

Everyone has been stuck inside all day.

4.  Have I mentioned that I ordered new chicks for the spring?  After losing a couple this winter, I’m down to twelve.  By the time new ones arrive and grow up, it will be winter again. Well, I’ll have too many eggs again eventually.  In the meantime, I’m getting an occasional egg.  So far, Honey hasn’t laid any in the kitchen.

snow by deck rail

Birds will get more food tomorrow when it isn’t just dumped and covered with snow.


Then the winds picked up. See the snow going sideways.

5.  I found out today that Norma Jean could calve anytime after March 5th.  Well, I hope the weather changes and she has no problems.  I’m really not excited about helping a wild heifer give birth and hauling a calf in the back of the Ranger to my kitchen to dry it off.  But you know I will if I have to!

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A Mess and MJ

A Mess

Yesterday was rather a stressful day, so let me preface this post by saying everyone is no worse than they were before yesterday.  I came home from work, opened the front door and Bob streaked out past me. Snickers was sitting on the kitchen table (that’s okay; it’s not a food table) and as I pushed the door open farther, I saw blood.



I mean there was blood all over the kitchen floor.  For a fleeting moment I thought of The Duel, but I calmed myself enough to look for the kitchen chicken.

kitchen chicken

Honey (helping make new spider plants)

She was standing in the bathroom but wandered out and started eating and talking to me.  Then I really got worried when she looked fine.

chicken eating corn

I couldn’t check Bob, so I went to find Leo and make sure she hadn’t pecked his eyes out.



Everyone seemed okay, so I did a closer check of the chicken and found a cut on her toe.  I’m guessing, she stepped on the register vent and then sliced her toe when she pulled it back out.  It was enough to panic me and make me realize the usual kitchen chicken mess is really not such a big deal compared to yesterday’s mess.  The cleanup would have to wait until after chores.


After another morning starting at -21*F/-29.44*C, I did a quick walk to make sure everyone was still doing well before I actually started feeding the animals.  MJ was lying in a really odd position with his face right into the barn wall.  Before panicking, I decided to feed and see how things went.  After starting the goats on their food, I took my pitcher of corn to MJ.  He tried to get up several times, each time falling back into the side of the barn.  I really was worried for a minute that he might actually bust the wall.  Then he gave up.  I started crying right away.  Really, I know he’s in the twilight of his life, and this horrible cold winter is really hard on him, but I’m still not ready.



I put the pan of corn in front of him and he was happy to start eating right where he was.  I fed the goats and then decided I’d have to figure out what to do.  I went back to MJ, and he was still lying there with his face against the wall again.  I cried on him some more and hugged him, and then I went to call the vet.


I told the tech who answered the phone that my steer couldn’t get up, and she put me on hold to get the vet.  While I waited, I walked back out to hug my giant baby again.  You know it’s bad when I didn’t even recognize the vet’s voice because he was so serious.  I stood there looking at MJ and told the vet, “I must just have to cry on him because he’s standing.”

black ox

Seriously.  He was standing.  Of course, that made the vet laugh, and I am quite relieved.  The vet agreed, this has been a horrible winter for the old animals.  I see MJ growing weaker in the back leg every day, but there’s not a lot I can do about it.  I just love him and feed him and carry him buckets of water on his bad days.

steer eating a peanut

Now I know to cry over him to help him out too.

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