Kids Illustrate the Letter S

The goat kids are helping me illustrate the letter S for Alphabe-Thursday.

nursing goat kid

Sweetly suckling

goat kids

Solid and Sturdy

goat kids

Serious and Smiling

doe goat and kids

Silly and Scritching

special goat kid

Special Ed

goat kid


goat kid peeing in kitchen

Soaking my floor (big Sigh)

bottle goat

Sloppy Slurping

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A Happy Bull and A Heifer

I shared that Maxine had her calf on Friday, but she was being snooty and not letting me help him nurse.  She just has so much milk, and she’s not young anymore.  Of course, gravity works.  What woman can’t relate to that?  Anyhow, we packed up Maxine and her big bull baby and hauled them to my nephew’s barn.


He has a headgate.  Note the two following pictures are the only ones from the first couple of days because she continued being snooty.  She figured out almost immediately that she could swing her rump roast out of the alley.  Consequently, we kept three hands on her pushing back and holding her off us.  Now, in reality, she could have smashed us like a bug, but we pushed hard enough that she knew we were inconvenienced.

cow in headgate

Luckily, Firecracker Joe (name subject to change if I feel like it) likes to nurse.  He went right to town and nursed really well while we had her in the headgate.

bull calf nursing

Suddenly, for no reason Monday night, she decided to just stand and let us help her without the torture and work of putting her in the headgate.  Now you get pictures!

Gelbvieh cow and calf

Gelbvieh bull calf

Gelbvieh bull calf nursing

Gelbvieh bull calf nursing

Gelbvieh bull calf nursing

Gelbvieh bull calf nursing

This is their next pen over roommate, Hazel.  She is a bottle calf because her mom doesn’t like twins.  She’s the calf that her mom didn’t want.

calf behind gate

She’s also what is known as a freemartin.  In cows when there are twins with one boy and one girl, it’s almost a certainty that the heifer is sterile.



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The Calving Season

I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t have the farmer’s market last night.  I went out early in the evening to check Maxine, and she was in the tall grass across the ditch.

cow in pasture

It’s really tall grass.

cow in grass

Hey!  What do you have with you there, Miss Maxine Fancy?

cow and newborn calf

It’s a big baby bull, and he was just very recently born.  He wasn’t even completely dried off, and she hadn’t delivered the placenta yet.

newborn bull calf

He weighs in about 90 pounds.

newborn bull calf

He got to go for his first ride on the four-wheeler.  He and Jeremy both hope it’s his last.

cow following four-wheeler

He and mom were both a little cranky about that, but he needed to come to the barn so we could help him nurse from Maxine’s saggy udder.

calf on four wheeler

Then we discovered that her milk hadn’t dropped yet.  We couldn’t get the calf to nurse, and we couldn’t milk anything out to feed him from a bottle.

bull calf and cow

I fed the baby some goat’s milk last night and this morning to hold him until I could get to the vet’s office this morning to buy some colostrum for him.  This morning, she’s starting to get milk, but she’s being snooty.

calf trying to nurse

Maxine is being quite snooty.  She wouldn’t stay in the pen I had them shut in. She broke out through my cattle panel.   She preferred to have him in the muck and crap. :-(  She won’t let me help him nurse or milk her to finish bringing her milk in.

cow, calf, and steer

Tonight, I believe the plan is to move them to my nephew’s barn because he has a headgate.  Then we can work with her and get the calf to nurse without her spinning in circles.

bull calf

Hopefully, it will only be a couple of days.  Once he gets on to nursing, she can come home and take him out to the Back Forty like she wants to do.  Poor mama hates to need help with her calves.

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