On the Nest

Someone is sitting on the nest!

peafowl hen on nest

She’s been on it for a couple of weeks.  She hardly ever leaves, only to get a quick bite to eat or a drink.

macro of peafowl

She turns her eggs everyday.  I am a bit concerned that she’s always turning them the same way, which means she’s rolling them.  She’s moved her nest about a foot from where it started, and she’s starting to get in front of the door I use to go in and out to feed half of the goats.

peahen sitting on nest

Here’s daddy bird.

blue India peacock


He wasn’t on the nest, so he wouldn’t sit still for me.


Hopefully, they will be proud parents to five little peachicks in a couple more weeks.

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The Best of Spring Random 5

1.  I have been walking every evening in the pasture, and I have so many pictures of great finds that I haven’t been able to post them all.  I might be a bit long on pictures, but it really has been the best week or so ever for spring pictures!  If I could, I would spend my entire day in the Back Forty taking pictures and enjoying nature.  Of course, my poor Reva thinks I should have a bottle with me the moment she sees me in the pasture.  It really vexes her to have to wait until later to get her bottle.

male bobolink

male bobolink

male bobolink

male bobolink

2.  Marley is a goofball.  I finally convinced my son to hold the big boys for me to trim their hooves by telling him they weren’t in rut (and not peeing on themselves).  I led Fionn out and hooked his collar to the fence and trimmed him without the boy even holding him.  Of course, part way through Marley comes over and started watching from the other side of the fence.  The I felt it.  Yep, he decided to go all dominant buck and spray.  After finishing Fionn, we tried to get Marley.  The naughty look sparkling in those eyes!  He decided to show Boeris how dominant he was.  Boys!  We never did catch him to trim his hooves, but he had fun bouncing around.

female bluebird


bluebird pair

bluebird pair

3.  I’ve been working diligently all week to revise my fantasy novel.  Then it goes in for round two of edits.  I’ve had a lot of good feedback from the first novel, Consent, but I really did rush the process.  I was afraid I’d chicken out if I didn’t keep pushing forward.  This one, I’m really enjoy the fantasy/romance genre.  I’m taking a lot more time with it, and I think the results will be even better.  Of course, it isn’t for young readers this time.  Since it’s a slower process and I still want to post occasionally on my author’s Facebook page (link in sidebar), I’ve been making quotes, you know, instead of revising.

cherry blossom quote

cherry blossoms

apple blossoms

apple blossoms

4.  For the first time, I found a morel mushroom in my pasture.  Actually, I found two!  I’m excited and hopefully I’ll get to try preparing them in some delicious manner.

morel mushroom

morel mushroom

bird nest

random bird’s nest

5.  The farmer’s market where I take my soaps begins on May 24th.  I’ve decided to turn some of my pictures from this spring into note cards.  I don’t know if I’ll have them for the first market, but I’m looking forward to adding them to my table and my virtual market.  I might do a series of blossoms, one of  birds and maybe even a series of cute mammals.  Of course, goat note cards are a given.


squirrel just hanging out at home



I really am having a hard time getting anything productive done with all this spring beauty in the Back Forty.

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That Time of Year

We’re at that time of year when I go into the barnyard and see this.

Goose Hiss

Every time I go out there.  When I went into the barn the other day (before the snow/mud/mess), I saw a bit of hay in the corner.  Looks pretty inconspicuous, doesn’t it?

Goose Nest

When I moved the hay, look what was there!

Goose Nest

The great egg hunt of 2013 has begun!

Goose Eggs

It’s now a constant battle between me and the geese.  They want to lay eggs and sit on a nest.

goose on nest

I don’t want any more geese.  There’s enough running around.

goose on nest

They’re willing to attack to keep me from stealing their eggs.

Goose Hiss

I know eventually, they’ll win.

Goose Hiss

I just hope they don’t hatch the five thousand they want to.

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