Fiery Fence

We’ve been doing some cleaning up around here, and we lit a fire.

I love the way the fence and weeds look in front of the flames.

I’ve been playing with editing my pictures at and  I do like both sites.

I also want to show you what great surprise I got in the mail just about the time all goatie chaos broke loose.  Wolfsong was so kind to create the design based on one of my pictures of Cutie and create this fabulous work of art.

It’s never coming down from my walls.  Thank you. 

Tayet, from In Tayet’s Shoes has started a new Farm themed Friday blog hop called Forever Farmgirl Friday.  Tayet is an amazing young lady, and I think you can never have too many farm blog hops. :-)

Linking to Friday’s Fences.

Linking to Farmgirl Friday.

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