Avian Visitor

While I was out working in the yard today, I wondered why the peafowl seemed so nervous.  Then I saw the young goats all jump and caught movement out of the corner of my eye.  When I looked up, I saw who had everyone so nervous.

I still haven’t figured out what s/he was carrying.

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Warmth Despite the Cold

Our long warm streak has ended.  We’ve fallen into winter again, and tonight our low temperature will be right around the zero degree (F) mark.  I get to sit in the house snuggled under a warm blanket with a cat to keep me warm.

Outside, they don’t get that luxury.  The kids have thick fur coats.

Jelly Blackboer

They get lots of food to eat.

Coral and Clover Blackboer

Pam has the added warmth of her babies (I’m predicting twins).

Pam Street

Casey has warm eyes that just melt my heart.

Casey Blackboer

How could you resist this guy?  Really, it isn’t possible, is it?

The sun isn’t providing a lot of actual heat, but I still love the warm light just before sunset, and if you’re not eating, it’s good for basking.

It certainly gives a lovely warmth to the pictures also.

Vixen Osboer

If we can make it through our cold weekend, the weather is supposed to warm up again.  It’s certainly been a roller coaster.

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This goose somehow got on the wrong side of the barnyard.  I have no idea how she got over there, but she had no idea how to get back with her group of geese.  She was left in solitude among the other group of geese and goats.

For me, solitude is the wonderful feeling of being home by myself and enjoying the beauty around me with no interruptions or distractions.

Solitude does not mean you have to be lonely.

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