It’s a Family Thing

Sometimes Coral (left) reminds me of her grandnanny, Dolly (right).

doe goats

I think it’s the ears.  I know that two of the three in the background are daughter or granddaughters, and I think all three are.  They all have those ears.

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Just a Quick Post

My new teaching position has me quite busy trying to provide a quality education to my students, so I am running behind.  I’m just sharing a photo of my Kiss Me Coral and Marley.  They are quite different in size.

Coral and Marley

Coral and Marley

They are both pretty quirky though.  Coral is sweet and loves her kisses.  Marley likes to follow me and be my shadow.

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Scavenger Hunt

This week, the topics for Scavenger Hunt Sunday are:  beverage, snuggle, thick, behind the lens, and where were you.  I’m still getting used to the new phone, and I still don’t like taking pictures with the phone, but I’m now on Instagram as EdenHillsPerin.  The first two pictures are from my phone.

Beverage:  We made another batch of mead.  It’s down in the basement happily fermenting.  Of course, it will be another three months before it’s bottled and then two years before it’s ready to drink.  You just can’t rush a good mead.

blackberry mead

Snuggle:  Since Snickers has been ill, he’s become quite the snuggler.  I can’t sit down without him jumping on my lap.  Most times, I’m good with that.



Thick: Last week, I showed you some of my round girls.  I’m afraid we’ll have some triplets this March (Blaze?).  Other goats are just thick (Coral).

doe goats

Coral and Blaze

Or maybe I should say big boned or fluffy.    Whatever I call it, there’s just more of her to love!

fat doe goat

Behind the lens:  I might be cheating on this one, but I love this shot of Millie’s eye.  I was really surprised to see her iris shaped like a heart.  I’d guess it’s from the changing light of the flash in a fairly dark building.  Whatever the reason, it’s pretty cool.



Where were you: I’m only ever about two places: work and my farm.  Work is boring and no fun, so I’m sharing my farm, of course!  I’ll remind you once again that home is where the goat is, whether we’re in the barn or outside basking!

Cookie (pregnant, not thick)

Cookie (pregnant, not thick)

Stormy needs to be a little thicker if you ask me.

Stormy needs to be a little thicker if you ask me.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a soap extravaganza giveaway that I’m participating in, so be sure to come back for eight chances to win some soap!

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