The Wedding Shoot

I can’t really get out and take many picutres or do a lot with the rainy weather we’ve had, so I’m sharing a few of the pictures from the wedding I photographed earlier in the month.  They were a beautiful couple, and the entire event was elegant and amazing.  I loved going to their farm and other areas for some of the portraits.

bride and groom by barn

I loved doing this wedding.  It’s a lot of fun to capture the day.  I hope they like the results.  (They said they did, but I really hope they like them.)

engagement ring

bridal bouquet

It’s not easy to put the garter on, and even though she fell out of focus agains the wall, I just love this picture.

fine art bridal portrait

If you prefer a more traditional, formal portrait, I have that too.

bridal portrait

Preparing for the first look.

bride and groom first look

He liked what he saw.  Who can blame him?  She’s a beautiful lady.

bride and groom first look

I loved her long veil!  This is the same brick wall where we did some of their engagement photos.

bride and groom

They turned his dad’s big shop into an elegant reception hall.  I was very amazed at the result.

shop wedding reception


The first dance.

bride and groom first dance

They’re starting the next generation of Buck farms!

bride and groom farm sign

I think I have decided I’ll never again do a twelve-hour shoot two days after getting a surgical shoe off.

Some Days

I love blogging, but some days you just have to do things rather than blog about them. Today was one of those days.  I had to finish the last of the edits on the wedding pictures, and they are currently uploading so that my proofs can be printed.  My old computer doesn’t play well with the Internet these days, so I can’t even share a picture or two with you.  I’m ready for bed.  Hope you all have a great night, and I’ll try to share a couple of wedding pictures tomorrow.  If I find time after work, farmer’s market and chores.

Outside on the Farm

I am absolutely loving the weather outside now that the heat has broken.  Granted, we’ve had enough rain, but I hate to always complain, so I’m just telling you how much I’m enjoying the cooler weather.

Queen Lace




All but the grasshoppers.


They are everywhere!

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday where the letter of the week is O.  O is for Outside.

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