Downy Woodpecker

This little woodpecker is really enjoying the suet block I put out.

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

I’m enjoying her company while I’m stuck inside not doing much.

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New Soaps

I was really hoping to go to the farmer’s market tonight, but my toe just isn’t ready.  I might have overdone it a bit with scrubbing water tubs and getting kids back where they belong.  Instead, I plan on sitting outside enjoying fireworks for our local town celebration.  The farmer’s market for Rhodes Days is tomorrow, and I have help setting up lined up for it.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that one.

I thought I’d share the new soaps I made just before surgery.

cucumber kiwi goat's milk soap

cranberry fig goat's milk soap

magnolia goats milk soap

clean linen goats milk soap

cucumber melon goat milk soap

They have cured and are ready for sale.  If you’re interested, they’ve been added to my on-line market as well.

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My Vacation Pictures

I think things have slowed down a bit on the farm.  Mostly what I’ve been doing since the toe surgery is editing photos and starting a web page to go pro with the portraits.  Since I’ve mostly been editing photos, I thought I’d share a few vacation pictures with you.  The good thing about going to visit goatsisters is that my vacation pictures are still filled with farms and animals.  Today, I’m sharing the photo shoot with Mimi Foxmorton (aka The Goat Borrower) and her caprine family, Darla and her kids Finnian and Fergus.  I’m including the horses for Good Fences.

tulle and goats

Darla and Mimi Foxmorton



tulle and goats

leaping goat

country portrait

playing with goats bathtub

the goat borrower

tulle and goats

donkey laughing at goats

goat kisses in bathtub

twirling with goat

running with goats in pasture

Thanks so much to my goatsisters for the wonderful memories!  Hopefully, I’ll get to keep doing fun photo shoots.

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