A Goat-Filled Scavenger Hunt

The topics for this week’s scavenger hunt are:  neglected, signs of spring, last thing you bought, shadow, and four things.

Neglected:  Pistol’s little girl triplet seems to think she’s being neglected.  Anyhow, while she was in the middle of the herd happily eating, she was screaming her head off like she was being neglected.

goats in pasture

Sadly, my goats’ hooves have  been neglected.  It was so cold, I didn’t get them trimmed in the winter, and I’m struggling to get them done again.  I’m slowly making progress (and have the blister to prove it).

hoof trimmers

Signs of Spring:  Green grass coming up is one certain sign of spring.



Another is the happy kids playing on the rock.  If you want to check out the video of them playing, it is HERE.

goat kids on rock collage

Four Things:  I had a hard time finding four things.  I kept getting five or two, but I finally found four things playing on the tree.  Video HERE.

goat kids on tree stump

Shadow:  Fez, Litha’s quadruplet with the bum leg that is healing quite amazingly, is my shadow.  He is stuck to my side, and he’s doing enough better that he’s gotten to go to pasture with me the last couple of days.



Just me and my shadow!



Last Thing You Bought:  I guess, other than a gallon of milk, the last thing I bought was my new Nikon D7100.  No point in showing you another picture of it, so here’s Victoria (taken with the camera) and her kids.  She’s doing much better after just a couple of days having constant acess to hay and eating in the yard.  Her kids are doing better too.

SOOC Victoria and kids

SOOC Victoria and kids

Sadly, she’s decided the tulips are tasty.  Oh well…

And for Weekend Reflections, I have a bovine eye with her daughter reflected in it.  Don’t ask me how she got the mud balls on her eyelashes, but it looks uncomfortable, and she wouldn’t let me take them off.



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Random Five Friday

There was a turkey vulture flying in circle over the barn (can you see it).  I think it was after the dead opposum I had to throw out of the barn in February.  With our warmer weather, it’s getting a bit stinky.

bird flying by barn

I’m not happy with whatever goat smashed it requiring me to remove the body.  At least the vulture got lunch, and I got a pretty picture.

bird flying in front of sun

I’m pretty sure I won’t have any good bird photos until I get my lens back from being repaired.  I’m not ready to take the new camera out to the dirty dusty pasture.

bird in budding tree

We are horribly dry.  We need a good soaking rain to finish turning the pasture green.  Hopefully, the rain in the forecast for this weekend actually shows up.

early spring pasture

Victoria is the low mom in the barnyard.  Even though I was letting her into the chicken coop to eat grain, she still wasn’t getting enough to eat.  Consequently, she hasn’t been making enough milk to feed her kids.  Her boy is holding his own, but her girl is horribly thin.  I can’t get her to take a bottle.  I hate that.  I do keep squirting milk down her throat.

twin goat kids

I also shut Victoria in so she could do nothing but eat and eat and eat.  Last night, I let her into the yard for some green stuff.  Of course, the first thing she did was jump in the bathtub and eat the little scrub cedar trees.

goat in a bathtub

Thanks for the landscape work, Victoria.

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She’s Got No Respect

It’s true.  As much as I love my Maxine, she’s got no respect for fences.

Gelbvieh cow

I have to repair more fence because of her than any other animal on the farm.

cows and calf

I have it so she and Norma Jean can come into the barnyard and barn for shelter and a drink and licking the salt/mineral block.

cows in barnyard

She wants to be with MJ, and she wants the easy meal of hay.  The grass is greener. Yeah, she’s got all kinds of excuses.

red cow

She’s driving me crazy.  She was pushing down my cattle panel into MJ’s section of the barn just one day after I put it up.

bent cattle panel

I finally had to chase her down the lane (at a sedate walk) and chewed her butt the whole time until she got to the top of the hill.

cows going to pasture

Of course, that leaves Norma Jean and her baby bull looking at me like I’m a scary lunatic.

cows in pasture

So far (after I also added another fence post), she’s not been pushing it again.

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