Enjoying My Summer Days

The Ranger really has been a blessing.  It lets me get out into the pasture and see my goats.

Goats browsing

The wethers just crack me up.  Those boys are so funny.

Casey and Myson

Casey and Myson

None of the goats seem to sure of me sitting in the Ranger (even with the engine off).  Minnie, our herd queen was really wondering if it was safe to come close.

Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl

Finally, my milking girl, Haley decided to check it out.



When the Ranger didn’t eat her, everyone else decided it was safe!

Goat Herd in pasture

Of course, nobody was coming to love me up.  They were just crossing the bottom that was mown.  Millie might be mad at me and daring me to make her quit eating that hay.



Most of the goats just browse or fight their way across the bottom.

Helen and Bud (Coral and Pistol in back)

Helen and Bud (Coral and Pistol in back)

Then it’s up the next hill to keep eating.

goat herd on hill

At least I got to see them a bit closer.  I can’t wait until I can walk with them again!

My Garden Grows

I have to tell you, my little garden is doing well.  It’s taken some work to keep it wet enough.  Those annual, fruit-bearing plants take a lot out of the soil.  In pots, they need watered a lot.

tomato blossoms

zucchini blossoms

green tomato


It’s paying off though.  I’ll have fresh zucchini and tomatoes before long!

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She Got What She Wanted

Well, every time I go up the road, I have to look in the neighbor’s pasture and wonder where, oh where, my bovine are.

Cows 125ew

I miss seeing Maxine and Norma Jean and George.  I wonder which ones might be them.

Cows 91ew

I’m guessing they don’t give a passing thought to me.

Cow 92ew

Hey!  That red one looks like it might be Maxine…

Cows 93ew

You see, they got what they wanted.

Bull 98ew

It will probably be late fall before they come home.

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